Pippa Rea

Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

First Day of Treatment

on July 24, 2013

Step One, Phase One……….  First day down of this particular chapter of our journey and only 6 weeks and 2 days to go 🙂

Loaded up in the car with our enormous Pandora’s Box we headed to RCH and Peter Mac with “Nan & Tony” alongside all the way.

Blood tests, tablets and treatment……………Pippa still did not let us down!  She was brave, calm, happy, witty and gorgeous every step of the way.  This lump has clearly made the wrong choice of brains!! (not that anyone should ever have to endure one)

We arrived at our divine new “home” on St Kilda Rd overlooking Albert Park Lake to a small welcoming committee that included a bevy of goodies and a cute little fish now named “Bluebelle”.   Pippa had been excited all day to arrive which took the focus of the other purpose of our trip.  Nothing had been forgotten and it was very evident that a thoughtful group of friends and family had been hard at work over the last two days in preparation for us.

Thank You x

8 responses to “First Day of Treatment

  1. she looks gorgeous in her cow onesie!!! Be careful wearing that around the dairy!!

  2. Reg and Jean Halse says:

    The lump certainly did make the wrong choice of brains!! We are following Pippa’s progress and our thoughts and prayers are with you all the way.

  3. The Herberts says:

    Yes, that lump has the wrong brain but, Virginia, Pippa definitely has the right Mum
    Much love, C T J L & M

  4. Elly Rollinson says:

    Checking in on your little trooper. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. Leanne Mugavin says:

    I had no idea before Ian told us this week. You and your adorable little girl are in our prays and thoughts. I can see the amazing job you are doing keeping Pippa smiling. Xx

  6. Miss W says:

    Hi Pippa, sending lots of love to you! Bluebelle is very pretty & your onesie looks very cute & snuggly. I’m sure Miss R would love your onesie too! Hoping you, mum, nana & pa have settled in well to your new apartment and are enjoying the view. Love & hugs, Miss W xoxo

  7. Amanda (Manz) says:

    Gorgeous Gin! Although it has been a long time I just wanted to send all my love & thoughts to you & beautiful Pippa. If possible I would like to drop off some meals… Pls let me know. Big cuddles! Manz

  8. Jacquie says:

    Gorgeous. Sure the onsie you are wearing is keeping Tony feeling at home ! Awesome that you have a lovely place to return to each day! Well deserved. Love to you all love us. Loving bluebelle pippa!

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