Pippa Rea

Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

Princess Pippa the Pink Poodle

Pippa has had a great week in Melbourne despite adversity.  Skyping her brothers every night has been beautiful and very entertaining to say the least!

Treatment is just becoming part of our daily routine and Peter Mac have been terrific in accommodating our schedule so we can come home on a Friday and return on a Monday to spend the most time with the boys.

It’s very obvious that there are people who are just born to work with children and the radiation staff at Peter Mac are no exception.  Intelligent and skilled in their field yet so wonderful in dealing with children.  Ashleigh, Pippa’s radiation manager  makes us feel welcome and happy every day (whilst ensuring that the most complicated  physics calculations align).  Today she also presented her with “Princess Pippa the Pink Poodle” (how on earth she came up with this name I don’t know!!)

Pippa happily announced to me that this place is not like a hospital at all – not only does she get to walk through a tunnel of stars every day and go into a room with cool lasers but they also make balloon animals!!!!  In addition, she also gets to sing One Direction, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars etc with Ellie in music therapy while we wait.  Apparently there is even a recording planned!!!


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