Pippa Rea

Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

A Busy Day @ RCH

Pippa was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Armelle this morning to go and see the meerkats.  Scurrying around the enclosure with the “Sentry” watching over they are always entertaining. As too is the amazing circular aquarium that stretches between two floors – there always seems to be a new fish we haven’t seen before appear from the coral.

The surprise of the morning though was a performance in the foyer of the hospital by the Harvard Crocodillos;  a real life Pitch Perfect Style all male “A cappella” group!!!  Yes, they really do exist and we all thought it was just a movie.  Only in America!

We had more visitors in the afternoon – Gordon and Russell delivering a huge supply of  Ferrero Rocher.  Then Brydie, Virginia, Emily and Olivia arrived at the perfect time to help us move rooms – just down the corridor and around the corner to let another post surgery patient have our room. I have no idea how two people can accumulate so much “stuff” in a hospital room in just 4 days!

Emily and Olivia brought in the most beautifully made posters with more lovely stories about Pippa to help brighten up her room.


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