Pippa Rea

Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

A normal average life…..complete with a head massage :)

Well, it has been back to normality for a few days.  Pippa has enthusiastically embraced going to “boring old normal school”!!  Secretly, I know she was actually very excited to see her friends and teachers and slip back into a normal 9 year old’s life.  There is no better medicine in the world than hanging out with your friends doing normal stuff and having fun.  We have watched James and Patrick umpire and play footy, seen cousins and grandparents, had yummy roast dinner,  gone out for milkshakes, lunch and coffee, enjoyed home made Italian pizza with friends and made fudgy wudgy chocolate chip cookies.

Today was the day that the surgical strip could be removed and Pippa’s hair could be washed for the first time.  As any mother would know, the prospect of attacking your daughter’s long, thick hair after two weeks of not being touched was not something I was looking forward to!  Thus, I enlisted the help of cousin and nurse Carolyn to remove the dressing and hairdresser (complete with French chandelier) Rachael to luxuriously wash and tend to her hair……….whilst I sat back and had a champagne 🙂  Thank You x

The normality of school is welcomed again on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  Wednesday we return to RCH and Peter Mac to commence the treatment plan.   Pippa and I will be in Melbourne Mon- Fri until 6 September and can hopefully return home to James and Patrick every weekend.


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