Pippa Rea

Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

Lygon St

A good part of today day was spent at Peter Mac being measured, assessed, scanned, informed and questioned in preparation for radiation.  It feels like this can’t be happening; that this is not actually me.  Unfortunately, I know that it is true simply because I’ve never spent this much time with this many medial people in my whole life.  There’s certainly no way I can be dreaming up or imagining the sort of stuff they talk to me about.  Quite often I find myself saying, “Sorry can you repeat that, I didn’t hear it?”

The complicated formulas that need to be worked out for Pipps’s treatment can’t be rushed, nor too can the healing of her surgical scar.  Thus, tomorrow we return to a normal life – home, school and sport (along with the odd sibling tiff!).

Tonight was spent enjoying a fun family dinner in Lygon St – Pizza, pasta and Ice Cream!!!!

Pippa is pleased to be heading home to her own bed, I am exhausted.


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