Pippa Rea

Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

What a Star You Are

Surgery went well and the Neurosurgeon was able to obtain a good amount of tissue samples for testing. She came into recovery able to move all limbs and body parts and her face has not deteriorated further.  She’s having a lovely sleep and has come through recovery perfectly!!

That’s  Step One down, now back to limbo waiting for test results.

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A Day of Brain Surgery

Darling, Gorgeous Pippa went bravely into brain surgery with her big blue eyes sparkling and a smile on her face right until she fell asleep. (After a rather sleepless night I’m actually a bit jealous that she’s going to catch up on about 6 hours!)

My hopes are that the doctors are successful in gaining tissue to test so we know what this lump is and how it can be treated – and that they can do it without any complications for our little princess.

The last things she wanted to know was how long until she could eat some food and how long before she could run around and play sport after her operation!   She wanted to me to wear my peach earrings she had bought me as a present.

We did maths sums as she went off to sleep and we both agreed that she was faster than the theatre staff and that she has a super duper brain!


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