Pippa Rea

Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

A Day of Brain Surgery

on July 11, 2013

Darling, Gorgeous Pippa went bravely into brain surgery with her big blue eyes sparkling and a smile on her face right until she fell asleep. (After a rather sleepless night I’m actually a bit jealous that she’s going to catch up on about 6 hours!)

My hopes are that the doctors are successful in gaining tissue to test so we know what this lump is and how it can be treated – and that they can do it without any complications for our little princess.

The last things she wanted to know was how long until she could eat some food and how long before she could run around and play sport after her operation!   She wanted to me to wear my peach earrings she had bought me as a present.

We did maths sums as she went off to sleep and we both agreed that she was faster than the theatre staff and that she has a super duper brain!

9 responses to “A Day of Brain Surgery

  1. Armelle says:

    Dear Pippa,
    We are thinking of you all the time and we looking forward to seeing you soon we miss you love Armelle and Ana xoxoxo:)

  2. jassicunn says:

    Precious angel. How brave are you? !!!! You will be eating lots of yummy food before you know it! Look after your mummy and make sure she gets some rest too! Say hi to those spunky boys
    ( models)!! Too xxxxx Jas

  3. Erica says:

    We hope you’re eating yummy cupcakes really soon gorgeous girl x thinking of you all today x Yasmin, Ashton and Max, Erica and Jay xx

  4. Anne (Nan) says:

    What a day it has been for all of us, as well as for all of you “out there”!! Everyone was calm on the outside, but I know how scared I was. She looked like an angel with her unplaited hair around her face, and the loose white gown she was wearing for the op. However the wonderful surgeons and staff have pulled her thru her first hurdle, and we’re waiting for results to show us the way forward. Your thoughts and prayers and support have inspired us

  5. David Higgs says:

    What a brave girl you are Pippa! I have bought you back a little present from Singapore and will drop it to mum for you on Sunday. Love Dave

  6. Elly Rollinson says:

    Hope all went well today Pippa, and that you’ll soon be back to your sport and having your favourite meal.

    Thinking of you,

    The Rollinson Family

  7. Kerri bilson says:

    Well done Pippa, mum and boys. Get some rest now. Xx

  8. Margaret Haberfield says:

    Hang in there Anne,God is with you. It is a bumpy road to travel but there are a lot of people praying for Pippa and all of her family. Love the Haberfield Family. xx

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