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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

A Magical Day for a Magical Girl

Pippa had the best birthday awaking to the balloon filled house with two enormous boxes containing James & Patrick’s presents.  Patrick’s she had to bash her way into to reveal a magic kit for Pippa and him to do tricks together and a photo of the school kids on the oval from the helicopter.  James’ gift had to be driven out of the box – a remote control car that Pippa can sit in her chair and whizz around the lounge room.  Pippa uses her hand to accelerate forward and backward and James steers. Later it was modified and turned into a weapon of mass balloon destruction!  Or perhaps I should call it an ankle terrorising beast!  Of course it was no surprise that both boys had included thoughtfully written cards with their gifts.

Pippa had her ears pierced and now wears the prettiest little blue earrings.  Throughout the day our door was a constant stream of deliveries – each one bringing smiles and joy – balloons in all shapes and sizes, flowers, gifts, mail.  On a hot day one poor florist came back at least 3 times!

We held her party at the cinema where all her friends were greeted by and treated to some laughter from Bubbles the Clown.  Everyone enjoyed watching a few funny little pixar animations followed by a comedy of errors  birthday party episode of Modern Family, “Fizbo”. We all marvelled at the magical illusions of Michael the Magician and anyone who asks Pippa will know that she put a yellow scarf into his magic hat but out came a $50 note!  Finally, she had a birthday cake. Not a real cake though, one that James threw into Patrick’s face!  Patrick had no idea and it literally knocked him for six!  The party finished with exactly what Pippa wanted – Ice Cream with Mr Whippy waiting outside and everyone having had a great time.

Pippa came home and opened all her presents reading every single card.   Today she was reading every word written on every card that was made by every one of the classrooms at school.  She opened more cards and gifts that she didn’t get to last night and went through all the text and blog messages.

Pippa already knows she is loved by so many people far and wide – what a great feeling that is!  This birthday has not only created another magical memory, but brought that love to life once again.  Every gift she received was perfect and obviously so thoughtfully chosen for her.  I wanted to share a framed poem written by one of her friends……

Happy birthday, my great friend,

Amazing times, we like to spend.

Fun and happiness, common for us,

A friendship that will never rust.

My special friend that I hold dear,

I always wish to have you near.

We stay together, like bees to honey,

a friendship worth, much more than money.

Happy birthday my great friend,

I’m so excited to attend.

Your thoughts are always clear, in my mind,

Both understanding we always find.

Pippa, I’m glad your birthday has come,

So be very proud of all you have done.

Now this poem is coming to an end, I just wanna

let you know you are such an

inspiring friend.


We have now had 4 fantastic days of Pippa being really great – lots of life about her, sparkle in her eyes, happy, cheeky and her “I can do it myself attitude” shining.  It certainly must be birthday magic!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Pippa’s 11th Birthday so very Magical.

happy birthday


Happy Birthday Pippa

I keep forgetting what Pippa did for her 10th birthday so I looked back on photos……..then I remembered.  It was a sleep over party with 6 friends.  It started off like any normal 10 year old’s birthday but then in the middle of the night things went pear shaped and Pippa ended up with a visit by the doctor and then a hospital admission the next morning.  Not much fun in the end.

The start of last year’s party

Twelve months on, Pippa is now Eleven and despite everything else she is still just like any other ten year old excited in anticipation.  She went to bed with “1 more sleep till my birthday”

One More Sleep

Adding to the  build up, Pippa started receiving a few cards and gifts early including a special delivery of her favourite flowers…….


I have to be truthful and say we are in a place where we never thought we would be.  Never dared dream of being.  Even though things are different and things are hard we wouldn’t swap it for the alternative.  So many people have helped me pull a very challenging birthday together in a short space of time, I am eternally grateful and I hope Pippa has lots of fun.

Mostly though, tonight, I have been taken by Pippa’s wonderful brothers  and the thought and effort they have gone to not only buy her gifts that she can enjoy (and have sooooooo much fun) with each of them, but create a lounge room of colour and fun that she will wake up to………My heart has melted with their energy and exuberance.  I am just so proud of them.

The simple fact that James and Patrick came straight home from school this evening, cancelled their cricket training, organised themselves (including those to ferry them around their shopping lists) and did everything they have done without any input from me (but a little assistance from their hand picked balloon blowing expert) is an incredible indication of their love for their sister.

My divine Pippa is 11 and not even the worst brain tumour in the world was going to prove itself more powerful than her.  Yet again she is bouncing back and having some good days.  I cannot believe her strength and her amazing courage and determination to live the best life she can.

Happy 11th Birthday darling Pippa.

“Girl, You’re Amazing Just the Way You Are”………..Pippa, You Always Have Been and You Always Will Be.


It’s Hard

We are trying not to be hermits and still like little visits from friends to brighten up our days – even if it’s just to sit and watch an episode of Glee or Modern Family. Sometimes it may take me a while to listen to a voicemails and I may not be able to reply to a text or an email bit I thank everyone for thinking of us and trying to help in a situation that is helpless.  We have a sign to pop outside the front door if it doesn’t suit and alternatively, I’m not too afraid to turn anyone away either!

Pippa can’t eat anything much other than jelly and ice cream nor can she drink.  She cant walk, talk or move her legs or the left side of her body.  Her hearing is minimal at best and her iPad communication is dependent on whether or not her right hand and arm are having a good day.  We adjust accordingly with patience and understanding; finding different ways of doing things to help her manage.  She is still determined to go to school which we keep short and do on a nice afternoon so we can make our way along the bike path in the sunshine.  She tires easily but playing a few games now and then is possible and we have even managed a spot of cooking on her lap in her recliner chair.  Pats and kisses from Nibbles and visits from tiny little cute puppies have been special too.IMG_5973

This week she is looking forward to going to Tony’s Sungold Field Days on Wednesday just like she has each year and of course the most exciting event of the year, her 11th birthday party of Friday 13th.

The hardest thing for us all is the frustration over communication.  It is just heartbreaking.  Her mind knows exactly what she wants to say and in typical Pippa determination it is important to her that she types it with correct grammar, complete sentences and spelling – no short cuts.  It’s hard.  Sometimes I wipe Pippa’s tears and sometimes she wipes mine.



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