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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

Happy Birthday Pippa

I keep forgetting what Pippa did for her 10th birthday so I looked back on photos……..then I remembered.  It was a sleep over party with 6 friends.  It started off like any normal 10 year old’s birthday but then in the middle of the night things went pear shaped and Pippa ended up with a visit by the doctor and then a hospital admission the next morning.  Not much fun in the end.

The start of last year’s party

Twelve months on, Pippa is now Eleven and despite everything else she is still just like any other ten year old excited in anticipation.  She went to bed with “1 more sleep till my birthday”

One More Sleep

Adding to the  build up, Pippa started receiving a few cards and gifts early including a special delivery of her favourite flowers…….


I have to be truthful and say we are in a place where we never thought we would be.  Never dared dream of being.  Even though things are different and things are hard we wouldn’t swap it for the alternative.  So many people have helped me pull a very challenging birthday together in a short space of time, I am eternally grateful and I hope Pippa has lots of fun.

Mostly though, tonight, I have been taken by Pippa’s wonderful brothers  and the thought and effort they have gone to not only buy her gifts that she can enjoy (and have sooooooo much fun) with each of them, but create a lounge room of colour and fun that she will wake up to………My heart has melted with their energy and exuberance.  I am just so proud of them.

The simple fact that James and Patrick came straight home from school this evening, cancelled their cricket training, organised themselves (including those to ferry them around their shopping lists) and did everything they have done without any input from me (but a little assistance from their hand picked balloon blowing expert) is an incredible indication of their love for their sister.

My divine Pippa is 11 and not even the worst brain tumour in the world was going to prove itself more powerful than her.  Yet again she is bouncing back and having some good days.  I cannot believe her strength and her amazing courage and determination to live the best life she can.

Happy 11th Birthday darling Pippa.

“Girl, You’re Amazing Just the Way You Are”………..Pippa, You Always Have Been and You Always Will Be.


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