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Follow Your Heart

Pippa loves “assisting” in choosing my clothes.
Today she has chosen this t-shirt for me to wear……… I am



Momentous Thanks

Tomorrow is day one of the next 6 weeks – the  start of Pippa’s first part of her treatment plan and  before we begin I would like to thank everyone for their support, concern and care.  (As a post script from an earlier blog, we have been fortunate to obtain an apartment in a great location and are very grateful to those who have helped with this.)

Many times in the past month, I have expressed in conversation how genuinely overwhelmed and amazed I am by people throughout this tumultuous journey that my family has found ourselves in.

I have to use the word “people”  as we have received messages, gifts, kindness, help and support from near and far;  friends old, new & rekindled; friends of friends;  and people we have simply never even met before.   I honestly call each and every person our friend and I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for their incredible generosity.  I did shed tears tonight when it became very apparent to me that words of thanks are merely not enough for the support my family has received.

Very early on in the piece Pippa described this month as really being “Christmas in July”.  In what should be such a dull time I sincerely thank you all for bringing her joy and light.  We have packed for our journey a huge suitcase full or all sorts or interesting activities, books and games.  Nothing has been left behind and it will be her own “Pandora’s Box” to open each day.  I am looking forward to her and I spending some lovely hours creating some wonderful memories using all these beautiful things.

She’s tucked up into bed after special cuddles and chats with her brothers.

I’m as ready as I can be……….



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