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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

The Worst 24 Hours of My Life

on July 16, 2013

I honestly thought I had already well and truly had more than my fair share of “bad stuff” (I’ll refrain from using expletives) in my life.  Clearly everything that has happened to me over the past years has been to prepare me for what now lies ahead.  I have fought hard and strong before for the wellbeing of myself and my children and I will do it harder and stronger again.

Pippa has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer within her brainstem.  Her treatment will soon start and will involve 6 weeks of daily radiation at Peter MaCallum Cancer Centre combined with oral doses of chemotherapy.

I believe in her and I believe in the team of Doctors (in particular, her oncologist) that are going to be walking this path with Pippa, James, Patrick and myself.

At the moment we need to find self contained accommodation for Pippa and myself in close to Peter Mac for 6 weeks with the hope that she and I will return to our boys each weekend to hang out and watch footy.

I need the continued positive support and energy drawn from all our family and friends.  Sometimes, I might need our little bit of space also.

Here begins our journey and I hope with all my heart and soul that this day will remain for ever the worst day I will ever have to endure.

41 responses to “The Worst 24 Hours of My Life

  1. Samantha says:

    There are no suitable words…. Sending all our love xxx
    Sam floss Jacob and Harry

  2. Nicole Whitney says:

    We are so sorry this is the battle your beautiful Pippa has to face. We believe in your strength as a family and if you need anything at all, just say the word. All our love, thoughts & prayers are with you, Nic, Steve, Jack & Cooper xxxx

  3. jassicunn says:

    Love love love. So many people are praying for this precious precious angel. Lots of love and hugs Pippa you are amazing. There is an army ready in prayer and support. Thinking of you every second beautiful girls …. And boys! Of course! Go get em’ girl xxxxx

  4. Cathy says:

    Virginia you are, by the far, the strongest person I know and if the level of your strength can dictate the future then this will be your worst day!!! I’m praying (and crying right now) a lot for all of you. I wish I could be there to give you a big hug!!

  5. Alecia says:

    I don’t know what to say but please know that you have many, many friends and your wonderful family to help you along the way. Take care of all of your precious ones and in particular take care of yourself Virginia ( you are doing an amazing job) please keep us in mind to help with ANYTHING. Stay strong. All our love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and lots of hugs that I know you could all do with right now.

  6. Tanya says:

    Thinking of you all at this tough time. Stay strong. Eleanor’s friend Tanya xxx

  7. Jacquie Baulch says:

    So wish we could give you all the biggest hug ever right now! This I’m sure is the worst day you could’ve ever imagined. Could not imagine how you are all feeling! What we do know is that you are all amazing people who are strong, giving, loving, caring, supportive and dedicated! Pippa is such a positive, bubbly and caring person who will give all she’s got. There are so many people praying and sending you any positive strength possible to get you through each step of this journey. We and our awesome community are here to help! Please just ask if we can make your journey even a little bit easier. And I soooo agree with jascunn ‘ GO GETTEM GIRLFRIENDS’ !!! And we know you boys will kick plenty of goals on the way too! Love to you all love us!

  8. Alison Wilson says:

    To Virginia, James, Patrick, Pippa, Anne and family – I am Lost for words. Pippa you will face this with strength and courage because those are qualities that you already have. We are all sending our love and support to you all. Please call on us at any time if you need anything, no matter how big or small. Xoxxxxxxooooooooooo Ali, Jarrod, Luke, Anna and Isaac oxooxoxxooxooxxooxoxo

  9. Emma Pleming says:

    Hi guys, sending plenty of love and prayers your way xxxxxxx Emma, Matt, Charlie and Isla xxxxxx

  10. Pamela Nevill says:

    Oh Virginia! We’re so sorry. The power of prayer is strong.Remember – All things are possible with God.You will have to be very brave as we know you are. I think of you and pray for you all often every day Love Pam and Gavan xx

  11. Andrea Loft says:

    Sending lots of prayers your way. Stay strong!

  12. Susie Alexandr says:

    Thinking of you often. Sending you our love and hope. I have a saying on my chalkboard @ the moment “Once you choose hope, anything is possible”. Greg, Susie and Eloise xxx

  13. Annie Freitag says:

    To Virginia, Pippa, James and Patrick
    You are such a brave girl Pippa, our prayers and thoughts are with you all.

  14. Terry O'Sullivan says:

    Virginia, James, Patch, & Pippa, soldier on we are with you all the way, lots of lizards and chips at the Flying Horse await Pippa

    Love & lots of hugs XOXOXO

    Dianne, Terry, Sam, Hannah, Tom ( & Spot )

  15. E says:

    Big hugs for a special little girl I’m yet to meet. Thinking of you all, love from Elizabeth (Eleanor’s friend in Mandurah) xox

  16. kerri bilson says:

    Our thoughts continue to be with you all. Of all the women I know Virginia you are the most strongest of mind, the most steadfast and most capable. You have proven that! Pippa will take your lead. Take each hour by hour, live in the moment and flick off negativity as quick as you can. It is toxic. Keep positive.
    Kerri, Jason, Nicola, Ruby and Halle

  17. jen Lukeis says:

    Sending our thoughts & prayers x

  18. Nicole says:

    Virginia, our thoughts are with you all and we wish with all our hearts that this was something that you didn’t have to go through.
    Stay strong and remember you have many friends and so much love and support from home.

    Love Nicole & Kewy xx

  19. The Hintum Family says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Pippa, Virginia, and family. Love from The Hintum Family (Sebe, Maggie, Tori, and Jeff).

  20. Jenny Dorney says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Virginia, Pippa and boys. Stay positive. Mila has a special gift for Pippa from Paris she is looking forward to catching up with her when we get home. Love Mila, Oivia, Jenny and Jarrod. Xoxo

  21. Natasha Hogan says:

    Hello Virginia, we have just heard about Pippa and her battle. Our thoughts are with you and we send all our love and prayers and strength to you, Pippa, James and Patrick. Love Tasha, Hoges, Harry, Millie, Jack, Angus and George xx

  22. Erica says:

    Virginia, I can only imagine what you all must be going through right now. Please know that there are many people willing and able to help make your load lighter (including us) xxx we have some petrol vouchers here to help with the costs of travelling for you xxx just let me know where/whom to send them too gorgeous! Sending you an abundance of love right now x I know you’re in strength mode for Pippa and the boys, just remember some time for you to re-charge is really important too lovely x Erica

  23. Anna Rea says:

    Virginia, our prayers, thoughts, wishes and hopes are with you all! We are happy to help in anyway, FIGHT HARD Pippa and leave no stone unturned.
    Love Anna, Ross, Grace, Emily and Isabella xxxxx

  24. Bernadette Northeast says:

    Dear Virginia, Pippa, Patrick and James, we are very sorry that you have to face this challenge. Virginia, thank you for sharing this terrible news, there are so many people thinking of and praying for all of you. We hope treatment is fast, effective and complete. Matt, Bernie, Nick, Ed and Charlie

  25. martina says:

    Adding my positive thoughts to those above ….. not often lost of words but know we are all praying for the best outcome.

    love Martina

  26. Maria Materia says:

    Dear Virginia, our thoughts and prayers are with all at this very difficult time.
    Love Maria, Angelo and family

  27. Marcia Riordan says:

    Dear Virginia, Pippa James and Patrick, so sorry to hear the news. Sending you our love and prayers. You are not alone! We are all here ready to help you get through this yet. much love Marcia Riordan

  28. Joel says:

    Prayer to Mary MacKillop
    Ever generous God,
    You inspired Saint Mary MacKillop
    to live her life faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    and constant in bringing hope and encouragement
    to those who were disheartened, lonely or needy.
    With confidence in your generous providence
    and joining with Saint Mary MacKillop
    we ask that you grant our request of returning Pippa to good health.
    We ask that our faith and hope be fired afresh by the Holy Spirit
    so that we too, like Mary MacKillop, may live with courage, trust and openness.
    Ever generous God hear our prayer.
    We ask this through Jesus Christ. Amen.

    This can’t hurt! Mary MacKillop looked after lots of kids, lets hope she can help Pippa too. Take care. xxxxx

  29. Virginia, Pippa, James and Patrick, I can’t imagine how you must all be feeling, but I’m letting you all know I will do my all to keep supporting you and keep by your side when you need ANYTHING! You truly are an amazing Mum with amazing children, keep on fighting.
    lots of love KP xxx

  30. Tom says:

    “There’s No FIGHT we cannot win!” Stay Strong Pippa!

  31. Narelle Hill says:

    Dear Virginia,

    I am so sorry you that you, Pippa & your family have to face this terrible illness.
    I admire your strength & ability to share this story with all those who love & care for you.

    Yard duty won’t be the same tomorrow without Pippa there with her friends talking to me, showing me her footy cards and keeping me entertained. She is such a beautiful girl. I too will pray to Mary Mackillop as Joel has suggested. Xx

  32. Rebecca says:

    Poppa we all miss you best of luck
    All our prayers are with you
    Love Rebecca.

  33. Bryan White says:

    Stay strong no words are enough.
    Your friends will be there for the 4 of you. Love Bryan,Georgia Will& Pippa’s friend Sascha. X

  34. Kate Sewell says:

    Our prayers are with you all. Xxxxxxox

  35. Carolyn Lehmann says:

    Virginia, Pippa, James & Patch,

    Pippa is an amazing & strong little girl who has enough attitude to face up to anything. We are constantly thinking of you all and despite the big black cloud I am sure there is a beautiful big rainbow at the end that matches Pippa’ radiant personality. Sending all our love & kisses & looking forward to seeing You all really soon. We miss you:-)
    Carolyn, Phil, Liam, Indy & Scarlett

  36. Sam Jackson says:

    Dearest Virginia,
    Please know you, Pippa & the boys are so very much in our thoughts and hearts.
    Sending our love and hugs in abundance, Sam, Tom & Luke xxx

  37. Catherine Hetherington says:

    Dear Virginia, What a shock to hear this awful news. Things like this just shouldn’t happen. Thoughts and prayers are with you, Pippa, Patrick and James. We look forward to seeing Pippa back on the beach in Port Fairy soon. Love from Catherine, Scott, Jake, Blair and Tyler X

  38. melissa walsh says:

    Dear Virginia ,Pippa and Boys, we are very sad to hear that you all have this battle ahead of you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Gabby is looking forward to seeing pippa tomorrow , she says schools not the same without her, and ‘misses her heaps’.
    Love Melissa, Wayne, Gabby and Monique.xxxx

  39. Clare Stacey says:

    Dear Virginia, Pippa and Boys, my thoughts are with you. I know this is a difficult time for you all but I know you are all strong and very supportive of each other. Pippa you are a gorgeous girl and one of my favourites in the classroom last year( don’t let the others know I might get into trouble!) Be good I will keep you in my prayers

  40. Tracey Dean says:

    Thinking of you, and your gorgeous family xxx .. ..

  41. Lisa Cross says:

    Sending lots of love, you are all in my thoughts and prayers xoxoxo

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