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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

Pride and Tears

on July 14, 2013

I may or may not blog anything for a few days as nothing much will change.  Pippa is a star patient!  I was told she would possibly vomit for up to 2 days post surgery – she didn’t.  I was told Saturday would possibly be a pretty painful and awful day for her – it wasn’t.  For now we are  just waiting for results of tests.

However, I wanted to blog a story from a very thoughtful card we received – I was filled with tears and pride at the same time for my beautiful daughter……….

Dear Virginia, Pippa, James & Patrick,

We are thinking of you.  We have fond memories of meeting you all at Port Fairy.

Virginia, your words about Pippa ring so true…….”a caring and thoughtful friend to everyone she meets.”

The first time we turned up at Nippers Pippa extended her hand to Edward, although she was holding her other friend’s hand, and gracefully ran with both of them on either side of her into the waves.  That spontaneous friendliness was such a mark of character.  She didn’t need to be told at the time that Nippers’ culture was quite foreign to Edward – the vast beach, the awesome waves, the strong wind and the sea of unknown kids in wetsuits and skull caps.  

Pippa, your gesture of friendship, which was so spontaneous, put Edward at ease and from that moment he felt part of  Nippers and considered you his friend.  He looks forward to seeing you again this summer.  You are a truly beautiful friend through and through.

Thank you to everyone for so many beautiful messages like this one xx

3 responses to “Pride and Tears

  1. Alecia says:

    Thinking of you all. Take care.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Children never cease to amaze us that despite how small they are they are so resilient and Pippa is no exception. Hopefully you’ll have some answers soon. Sending you positive thoughts and best wishes.

  3. Anne says:

    I remember the day well – it is an image etched in my memory – look forward to seeing them together again

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