Pippa Rea

Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

In a Nutshell

on July 6, 2013

In a nutshell nothing has actually really changed since last Wednesday.  Pippa still has a lump on her brain stem (actually it is inside her brain stem) and we don’t know what it is.  She was immediately put on steroids that reduce any swelling and stabalise the lump.  Clearly they are doing their job because as my mother commented, she has lost her appetite and gained a horse’s appetite!

Because of the position of the “lump” surgery to remove it is not an option.  However, after more MRI scans at the RCH did not result in an answer as to what type of “lump” this is, brain surgery to perform a biopsy is now necessary.  That is scheduled for Thursday 11th July.  It will be a very hard day and the 6 day recovery will be equally hard for  Pippa, but also for the rest of us to know that the surgery has been successful in gaining tissue to sample and test, that there will be no complications and there will be no post surgery side affects.

We have had amazing support from so many people.  She has had her aunty (Eleanor) and cousins (Chloe & Mel) fly in from WA, and Libby & Claudia have been extra special people looking after us and being the special friends and cousins that they are. It is completely overwhelming and I thank each and every person, near and far, for all their wishes, generosity and kindness.

2 responses to “In a Nutshell

  1. Anne (Nan) says:

    Are you ready to go Miss Pippa? Hope we all have a safe trip Love Nan XX

  2. Du Toit family says:

    Lost for words. Our thoughts are with you all. We pray for the best possible outcome today!! With love from Ilse, Neels, Henri and Nikki

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