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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

Good Doses of……

on December 4, 2014

This week we have needed good doses of sunshine, smiles and laughter.  Patrick’s antics keep us continually entertained and one day his amazingly, unbelievable, you-will-never-believe-how-I-can-do-it “magic tricks” with uno cards had our gorgeous nurse, Jessie, in stitches whilst we were waiting for Pippa to come out of treatment.  Jessie sees us most days and she loves spending time with our little family.  Our good doses this week have come to us in the form of Melanie, another requested visit from Yarra & time with the Spence family.  Sometimes you need just the right fit and Tuesday night the Spence family was the perfect fit for us.

I’m feeling a bit of a kissing theme going on this week………….Why not?  Who wouldn’t want to smooch gorgeous little Pippa?……….I tell Pippa kisses are magic.


4 responses to “Good Doses of……

  1. Miss W says:

    Sometimes a few rays of sunshine, a hug & a kiss are the best medicine for everyone! Keep on enjoying the “good doses of” and all the special moments you have. Your photos & messages have been amazing. Thinking of you often, love & hugs to Pippa xoxo

  2. Just beautiful.

    Kisses .. amazing things.
    In the words of our Luke, “kiss, kiss” .. ,
    To you all. S,T & L xxx

  3. Catherine shaw says:

    Glad to hear and hope there is more’good doses’ coming your way people!
    Pippa, you certainly have had a ‘dose of sunshine’…. Look at that beautiful skin of yours all tanned up, stunning as always x😘😘

  4. Amanda Tolhurst says:

    Kisses are very magical!! Sending lots of special magic your way! Love Manz xxxx

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