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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

Good Doses of……

This week we have needed good doses of sunshine, smiles and laughter.  Patrick’s antics keep us continually entertained and one day his amazingly, unbelievable, you-will-never-believe-how-I-can-do-it “magic tricks” with uno cards had our gorgeous nurse, Jessie, in stitches whilst we were waiting for Pippa to come out of treatment.  Jessie sees us most days and she loves spending time with our little family.  Our good doses this week have come to us in the form of Melanie, another requested visit from Yarra & time with the Spence family.  Sometimes you need just the right fit and Tuesday night the Spence family was the perfect fit for us.

I’m feeling a bit of a kissing theme going on this week………….Why not?  Who wouldn’t want to smooch gorgeous little Pippa?……….I tell Pippa kisses are magic.



Minute by Minute, Day by Day

Today we entered the 8th day of  reirradiation.  I no longer profess to evaluate whether or not it has started to work as last Thursday I thought that her walking looked better but then on Friday I was hit with a tonne of bricks.  Pippa wakes in the morning, smiles and looks at me with her big, beautiful eyes……that is enough.  That in itself means we have another day and another day means time for the treatment to work.

We have a lovely, tranquil and peaceful apartment in which to spend each day; perfect for just existing.  I’m sure it’s the relaxing view both day and night that has contributed to me finally heeding Pippa’s oncologist’s advice of, “try not to worry about things that are out of your control.”  For the past 17 months it’s been easier said than done but right now I know I am doing precisely everything I can and if I didn’t try this I would regret it forever.  The hardest thing is that Pippa had to get to the very edge to let the treatment try and work.  Right now, there is simply nothing more I can do.

Pippa rests, sleeps, does drawings and plays games.  Monopoly though,  has been sent home because no one else ever wins!  Instead, we have kept Tony’s beloved vintage (we’d better not call it antique) Chinese Checkers Board and of course we still have all of our favourite “Julie” games including Greed and Rat-a-tat-Cat.  Sunday we went for a “roll” in the sunshine along the waterfront market – it was lovely but tiring.  The warm weekend also saw Pippa have a brief swim in the pool helping exercise her leg muscles affected by both the tumour and the steroids.  On Monday I was wondering how on earth I was going to wash Pippa’s hair – balancing slippery shampoo, conditioner and Pippa all at once was going to be challenging.  My solution saw us stop off at the hairdressing college on the way home from Peter Mac.  She was well and truly ready for a sleep when we got home but it was certainly the perfect answer!

We are just keeping everything very low key; going along day by day.  Actually, as Pippa corrected me yesterday, “this is how we go mum – seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and then months.”  Of course she is correct.  Last night she had hours of belly pain from her steroids.  Once we fixed that she had hours of sleep, today she’s had minutes of radiation therapy, minutes of fun playing games waiting and then hours of sleep again.  Minute by minute, day by day; all to get more precious time for one precious girl.



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