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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

A Day of Christmas

We leave Melbourne soon and I had promised Pippa that we would do some fun things beforehand so she had a good think about what she would like to do………

Number one on her list was to buy her brothers their Christmas present.  With that in mind I thought seeing as that required a visit to DJs then why not have a day of Christmas Cheer?  We looked at the City Decorations and the Myer Christmas Windows, the Gingerbread display at the Town Hall, the Christmas Village decorations at the City Square and the amazingly spectacular Crown Towers Christmas Show with its enormous Christmas Tree.  Patrick was our photographer for the day and he didn’t know which way to point the camera – there was so much to look at we had to watch the show twice.  We finished off with a buffet lunch that left us bursting at the seams!

Pippa was tucked up in bed nice and early, so utterly exhausted but completely happy.  When I went in she was talking in her sleep about gingerbread houses and big Christmas trees.  When I asked her if she was was dreaming about her day she mumbled, “yes Mummy, it was wonderful.”



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