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Making Every Day Happy

On Pippa’s list of important things one simple word stood out loud and clear – Happy.  Being happy, feeling happy, having happy days.

With that in mind, we now have a special nightly routine at bed time.  Whilst waiting for me to heat up her “snuggle sacks” (two to keep her feet warm and one to feel cosy on her tummy) and organise medication, eye drops and eye gel, Pippa types up a list of what is happening the next day that will make it a “Happy Day”.  We then read through it together.  Usually it is some quite simple things:  wrapping Christmas gifts, decorating the Christmas tree, going to school for a couple of hours, seeing a friend or a cousin.  Even having only one or two things on her list, I explained, could make a day happy – we don’t have to have full days, we just need to enjoy something each day.  So far this week each day has been happy for Pippa and somedays surprises have happened or something unexpected has occurred that has added to her happiness.

Some happy times for Pippa…….

Of course we could focus on all the negative issues at hand, but when you have to live one day at a time, focussing on happiness is a great way to do it:  ending a happy day happily thinking about the happiness that lies in store the next.

Oh, James and Patrick are pretty happy at the moment………they have a very cool “paddock bomb” to drive around in for a little while.  Not a bad way for boys to clear their minds for a bit 🙂

And Nibbles is pretty happy too………





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