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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour


on December 2, 2014

After Chloe popped down briefly the Sunday before Pippa needed another special visit.  A day of her gorgeous Armelle was required.  We arranged for Armelle to come down and just be by her side on Sunday.  They didn’t do much; just hung out.  We went for a walk, had frozen yoghurt and found a couple of Christmas Trees for photos.  Armelle has always been Pippa’s special friend; the first friend she made when we moved to Warrnambool eight years ago and they have been joined at the hip since.  It was lovely for them to spend the day together.

And thanks to Patrick, we were all treated to a special bout of poolside entertainment that certainly brought the well needed doses of laughter and smiles!

One response to “Armelle

  1. carolyn says:

    Patrick your ‘whaling’ is hilarious – it’s the new ‘planking’ for sure – it will catch on…. you wait!

    love Carolyn and Yarra!

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