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Santa’s Little Helper

on December 23, 2014

We have been receiving parcels which is always exciting, some very cute named Christmas stockings are hanging in our lounge room and a magical Christmas tree stands elegantly enticing endless comments from people who see it.  On Friday Pippa received another parcel and opened it.  Inside was a Christmas Teddy Bear.  She aptly named him Santa’s Little Helper or ‘SLH’ for short.  Geoffrey, Henry, Monkey and Harold have been carefully put aside to be re-cuddled after Christmas.  SLH has constantly been with Pippa since Friday and with him he has brought a little Christmas Hope and his own little magic……….

Santa's Little Helper

Santa’s Little Helper

Until Friday Pippa was focussed only on Christmas for everyone else:  She had delivered little gifts for her classmates, friends, family and the u18s basketball team.  Christmas shopping started on the day of our Christmas Sights Visit in Melbourne when she purchased her first of three gifts for James and Patrick. There are mysterious presents abound under the tree with “Love From Pippa” and by Friday she was completely organised ensuring that everyone around her would have a special Christmas from her.

Then Santa’s Little Helper came in the mail.  All day Friday she clung to him.  Saturday morning she woke excited.  At first I thought she was excited because we had decided we were able to go to our annual extended family Christmas gathering in Anglesea.  She was but that wasn’t what she was initially excited about.  Pippa needed to get ready for her Christmas.  She needed to write her Santa list.  Santa was coming in 4 sleeps and it needed to be done.  That very minute!  The list was typed carefully on the computer, printed, laminated, hole punched, placed in a folder and left under our Christmas Tree.  Yes, she’s her mother’s daughter; it was categorised and spaced out perfectly, but just shy of being put on an excel spreadsheet!  Only then could we leave for Anglesea – “Dougfest” would be 24 hours of fun with cousins, plenty of food, gifts, our annual raffle and a larrikin Santa handing out presents………  When we arrived Pippa was asked by Chelsea-Lee’s beautiful little face gazing up at her if would please go on the trampoline with her?  Pippa said, no she wasn’t going to be able to go on the trampoline today.  Later on in the afternoon though she was adamant she was going on the flying fox – and fly she did!  Complete with a merry band of followers!

We returned home to find that not only had Santa been to collect her list, but he had also left her 2 bracelets with magical powers made especially for her by his Elves!  Indeed, the magic of Christmas started to spread and Pippa’s face began to beam at the thought of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Carollers rang our door bell last night………

We have done our annual Wishing Tree Shopping from the raffle James started 8 years ago…….

Shopping for the Wishing Tree

Shopping for the Wishing Tree

Pippa didn’t put a pony on her list, but one turned up for her to ride and pat………

Nice to meet you, Biscuit

Nice to meet you, Biscuit 

Two weeks ago Christmas Day could not come quickly enough.  Now Pippa seems a little bit stable,  I am continuing to slowly and carefully drop her steroids and 2 days out Christmas is finally within our reach.

It’s now beginning to start feeling a lot like Christmas around here and thanks to Santa and his little helpers Christmas magic is shining through Pippa………

11 responses to “Santa’s Little Helper

  1. E says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Pippa and your merry band of friends and family. Sending lots of love and hugs to you all xox

  2. Daniel Harris says:

    Merry Christmas Pippa! I really enjoy reading your blog! You have a great smile

  3. Diane says:

    Have a magical Christmas,our love and best wishes to you all..I have been good Pippa so I hope Santa comes to me and brings me something nice. Ho ho ho.

  4. Jill Giblin says:

    We wish Pippa and her whole amazing family a beautiful Christmas together.
    We hope wonderful things come your way!

  5. Brydie says:

    Virginia, James, Patrick & Pippa we are wishing you all the most magical Christmas ever.

  6. Flic Yates says:

    Virginia, James, Patrick & Pippa – have a wonderful fun Christmas!! Lots of Love Flic

  7. carolyn says:

    Merry Christmas Pippa, I liked it when I saw you riding on Biscuit. I hope you liked it. I hope that you have a great day tomorrow – love Coen and Yarra

  8. Pamela Nevill says:

    Christmas Blessings Pippa, Virginia, James and Patrick. Have a precious time sharing this wonderful day together. Love Pam and Gavan

  9. Claire says:

    She is the most beautiful and kind hearted girl. Wishing you all a magical Christmas

  10. Joel says:

    Hope Santa finds you all and your day is magical.

  11. Joy says:

    Hope you all have a wonderful day together. Merry Christmas Virginia, James, Patrick and Pippa xxoo

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