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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

Paris Dreaming

on September 4, 2014

This week Pippa’s treatment has come to a conclusion.  The chemotherapy medication is not working against the the tumour and it is growing.

We are now going to live her dream and take Pippa to Paris.  We are organising that at the moment and plan to leave as soon as possible.

The next phase is going to be about having fun and enjoying our time together as a family.  Together with Pippa and her brothers, I am taking little steps, minute by minute, day by day making one decision at a time.

The support and care we have received on this journey so far has been incredible.  I will continue to update this blog throughout the rest of our journey as it serves not only as a wonderful purpose of communication but also provides us with a fantastic way of recording and sharing our memories.

I have held suspicions close to my heart right through this but I have always said I will never post anything on this blog my children don’t know.  They are each processing the information they received this week in their own individual way.  We don’t have a lot of answers to a lot of questions, but they will come in time and I am sure Pippa will lead the way once again.  In the meantime we are going to have FUN.

The concern and understanding of everyone who reads this helps us and we look forward to posting pictures of Pippa and her French dreams soon.

37 responses to “Paris Dreaming

  1. Lisa Cross says:

    Sending all my love to you all 😘❤️ Hope Paris is magical!! And all Pippas dream come true xxoo

  2. Cathy says:

    We feel your sadness Virginia, Pippa, Patrick and James. If anyone could have beaten this tumour you, Pippa with your amazing attitude, your incredible Mum and family and team of helpers would have. I know you’ll have as much fun and give as much love as you can in these next months. You are a very special girl. Have the MOST WONDERFUL time in Paris. You all truly deserve a great experience and extra special memories. We look forward to the story of “PIppa Does Paris”
    All our love and thoughts.
    The Mottram family xxxxxooooo

  3. Cousin Steph says:

    I hope you have the best time in Paris. Always with you, Steph xxx

  4. Miss W says:

    Living Pippa’s dream & visiting Paris sounds like a beautiful way to make some special memories. Travel safely, have fun & enjoy your family time together xo Ps, hope Monkey enjoys the sights of Paris with you Pippa x

  5. Sandra Rowbottom says:

    Bon voyage, beautiful family …
    Enjoy special time together.
    What a wonderful dream of Pippa’s to come true … Paris is truly my favourite city in the whole wide world !
    You are ALL being so brave and strong, in this fight and a terrific team together … Keep fighting, keep enjoying every minute of everyday together. Our thoughts and our hearts are with you, every step of your journey.
    Much much love, Mo, Jason and India xxx

  6. Joy says:

    Paris sounds like a wonderful place to go for a special holiday! So looking forward to you all showing me the sights as you travel. Have the most wonderful, magical time! Travel safe. Will look forward to seeing you all on your return. Joy xxoo

  7. Jackie Goulden says:

    Have an amazing time in Paris, I am sure there are going to be some beautiful memories made there. Pippa is always in my thoughts and I have followed your journey right from the start. I look forward to seeing Pippa and all of you in the magical city that is paris! Bon voyage beautiful family…Have lots of FUN! Jackie [KP’s friend] xx

  8. Meredith Shaw says:

    So when you’ve done Paris how about Port Douglas again! We want you all to come back. Let me know what your plans are when you get back and if you want to come up I’ll organise another Far North Adventure. Leave it to the Locals.xxxx Meredith, Evie & Asher

  9. Narelle Hill says:

    Dear Virginia, once again you have shown us all now amazing you are. You are all going to have such a fabulous time in Paris. One of my highlights was watching the sun go down from
    Sacre-Coeur. Please remember you are never alone in all of this & we are all praying for you, Pippa, James & Patrick. Xx

  10. Matt and Bernie says:

    Our thoughts are with all of you often. We, like everyone else who knows your lovely family cannot fathom that this has been thrust upon you. You are all incredible and Paris will be all the more magical for having been touched by Pippa. Wishing you the most wonderful trip, and looking forward to photos of Paris – Pippa style. xxxxx

  11. Carolyn says:

    Darling Pippa, Virg, Patrick and James, I think that you are going to have the most amazing family time in Paris! Everything is SO very beautiful there, but still, nothing will compare to how beautiful You are Pippa. What a family! You are all amazing and we send you our love and hopes for the best trip ever and the most wonderful experiences. Much love from the Blackman family

  12. Carolyn Fleming and Gordon Szegi says:

    Hi Virginia, Patrick, James and Amazing Pippa ! Pippa you are the sunshine of your families life. Shine brightly in absolutley amazing Paris and have Fun, Fun, Fun. Love to you, Carolyn

  13. Brydie says:

    Go crazy on the crepes they are amazing!!! Virginia, James, Patrick & Pippa you are the most amazing family. The love, support, compassion, forgiveness and dedication you show to one another is inspiring. The world is a better place for having you in it and we are all better people for knowing you. Enjoy Paris and I hope it is everything you hoped it would be. All our love, Stuart, Brydie, Emily & Olivia xxxx

  14. Diane says:

    Paris the city of love! May your love together always shine through.can I fit in your suitcase Pippa,with monkey of course. Have lots of fun and laughter.

  15. The Hintum Family says:

    Dear Pippa and co.
    Have an absolutely AWESOME Paris adventure. Looking forward to seeing some memorable photos.
    Keep on fighting.
    Think about you guys often.
    Love The Hintums.

  16. Lachlan Timms says:

    Paris sound good never been there but I hope it is as good as you think it will be have fun 😉 🙂

  17. Nicole Whitney says:

    Sending our love for the most wonderful Paris adventure xx

  18. Cara Chisholm says:

    May Paris be amazing, so much to do and see and great food. I am always thinking of you guys and sending many prayers your way. Looking forward to the photo’s xxxxxx

  19. Joel says:

    Paris is an amazing place for an amazing girl! Lots of fantastic places to see, food to eat and experiences to be had. If you get a chance duck out to Euro Disney! Space Mountain ride for all the family, I want to hear the screams and laughter from here. Enjoy your adventure. Thinking of you all and sending our positive thoughts and prayers you way. Have FUN!!!!

  20. Sue says:

    Fun in Paris with the ones you love – a perfect idea! We love you and we are thinking of you. Enjoy this time together. Love Sue, Jess and Sophie xxx

  21. sam robinson says:

    Pippa, virgina,james and patrick, what a strong gorgeous couageous and amazing family you are. Paris The city of love and dreams. Enjoy Paris and everything it has to offer together as a family. Create your memories, follow your dreams, laugh, explore, eat, and take every experience that comes your way. Looking forward to following your adventures xxxxxx

  22. Jacinta Roache says:

    A strong, brave and loving family. All our thoughts are with you and I know Paris will be a wonderful experience and memory for you to cherish.
    JR, Craig, Alysha, Shaylea, Will and Patrick.

  23. Pam & Gavan says:

    Your courage strength, warm loving togetherness is inspiring Pippa, Virginia, James& Patrick enjoy Paris – know you will, bring back beautiful memories of your adventures together. Our prayers are with you. Have fun. You’re not alone.

  24. Paula groves says:

    Virginia you have the most amazing little girl I have ever met ! Enjoy Paris and spoil your family and yourself rotten !!!

  25. Emma Crichton says:

    enjoy, and thanks for sharing. My thoughts are with you all

  26. Catherine shaw says:

    Pippa and co. Have the most amazing time in Paris
    Lottie sends Extra special kisses for Pippa 😘😘

  27. Julie P says:

    My thoughts are with you all always. You have such a beautiful family and I know Paris will love having you all.

    Love always and big hugs
    x x x x o o o o

  28. kathy and tony lochead says:

    Paris – Whow! We had great fun with your Nan and Tony, taking them on the River Cruise and visiting all the sights, although Nan and Tony were not ready for Disney!! Hope you have a wonderful time and I can assure you – you will have fun with all your wonderful family.
    You are in our thoughts constantly, you may need to knit another scarf to keep you warm.
    Keep on smiling and have a good time and lots of fun.

    Love always, and ooooodles of hugs and kisses

    Tony and Kathy in the UK

  29. Kath says:

    Our thoughts are with you all. Paris will be rocking with such a amazing family visiting and we are so impressed by your wonderful strength and love for one another. You will have the most amazing time there and please keep the posts coming.
    Love to you all and have a wonderful trip.
    Love the Morleys x

  30. Margaret & Michael says:

    Dear Virginia, Pippa, James & Patrick,

    Paris is “The Eiffel Tower”, and a must see for anyone who visits. Built as a temporary structure in 1889 for a World fair, it was nearly pulled down in 1909. Thankfully they left it there for Pippa and family to see, and hopefully go to the top to look over Paris. Of course there are all those other attractions mentioned by Pippa’s followers.

    We wish we could be in Paris again, just to carry your bags.
    Have a great trip. We look forward to seeing some pictures of your visit.

    All or love,

  31. Vanessa Davie says:

    What an amazing adventure. Make wonderful memories.
    Vanessa Davie

  32. Julie White says:

    Virginia, know that we are thinking of, and praying for, you and all your family. Stay brave and strong. Mick, Julie and family.

  33. E says:

    Dear Pippa, Virginia, Patrick and James. I have been lucky to travel to Paris three times, but always on my own so I know you will have the bestest time being all there together! Travel knowing that so many prayers and thoughts go with you. Memories are for the making, hope all the departure details go to plan. Love and hugs, E xox

  34. Leanne Goldstraw says:

    Words fail me my darling Ginny. Stay strong and enjoy every second you have with your beautiful family. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  35. Sue-Ellen says:

    Hi Ginny, pippa, Patrick and James, Sending love, love, love, to you all. I know you will make the most of every second and have an amazing time in Paris. I can’t wait to see all your amazing photos and hear your travelling tales. All our love, smoochy kisses and hugs are being sent with you. Love Susie, Dave and family xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  36. Lidija (day cancer front reception) says:

    I have no words to explain just how privileged and blessed I have been from the moment I met you Virginia and precious Pippa. May your trip be an amazing one, filled with blessings from above and memories that can NEVER be erased. You are ALL in our thoughts and prayers. Lots and Lots of LOVE from Lidija, Joshua & Mathew XXXOOO

  37. Christine and Daniel Harris says:

    Lots of love and best wishes and awesome sunshine for your amazing trip to Paris! Enjoy yourself!

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