Pippa Rea

Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

A Professional Rockstar

What does a superstar do before jumping on a plane and heading off to Paris?

Record a CD!

Last night Pippa fulfilled another dream and recorded her own CD.  It was 3 hours of work and she was a true star.  Singing not only all the songs (some of which were very difficult) but also recording some of the backing vocals to drop in as well. On Sunday evening she had photos taken for the cover complete with outfit and location changes!

The production and graphic design will all happen  whilst we are away and Pippa will have her very own CD upon our return.  What a fabulous opportunity for a little girl who sings her heart out every day.  So many many heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in pulling this off so quickly.

We finally managed to get seats on flights, a lovely Parisian apartment and are flying out to Paris tomorrow evening (Thursday).  We arrive in the middle of a 3 day music festival, and next week is Paris Fashion week – what a time for a superstar girl to arrive!!!




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