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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

Brain Therapies

on March 23, 2014

During radio therapy at Peter Mac Pippa’s oncologist and nurses strongly advised me that for at least the next two years I should support Pippa in undertaking and pursuing a range of therapies to assist her brain in its development and to minimise the side affects of the radiation.  This was reinforced and supported by her music therapist at Peter mac and by RCDFund and their music and yoga therapists who were also with Pippa  throughout radiation.

Thus, I have committed to an ongoing routine that so far incorporates drumming, yoga and dancing in addition to her sport (currently tennis and basketball).  On top of school she also does online brain training activities and games.   These therapies provide Pippa’s brain with stimulation in rhythm, memory, coordination, meditation, concentration, flexibility, balance  and left/right brain function.

Just as important though, each therapy is so much fun and she loves learning   them.  We are privileged that her “therapists” (teachers) are all special people in her life, bringing with them an abundance of positive energy and enthusiasm for what they love and in turn, sharing that with Pippa.

Drumming, yoga and dancing.  How lucky Pippa is to be able to have so much fun doing therapy!

In the words of her drumming teacher, “Yeah,……Good Work!”    Drumming Lesson


2 responses to “Brain Therapies

  1. E says:

    Love that beat Pippa …

  2. Jacquie says:

    Awesome. That’s great!

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