Pippa Rea

Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

9 months in

on March 27, 2014

Yesterday was 9 months since a lump the size of a golf ball was found inside Pippa’s brainstem.  Our options have been nothing other than to kill it and Pippa’s doctors have attacked the tumour as aggressively as it attacked her.

The anticipation, anxiety, trepidation, stress and worry leading up to an MRI scan is unbearable.  Not knowing what is going on inside, but knowing that soon you will be updated rips you apart in every direction.  Holding all that together on the outside is exhausting.

Yesterday evening Pippa’s oncologist rang me.  He was sitting in front of Pippa’s scan from the day before and could easily see a shrinkage in its size.  Death to tumour is our ultimate goal; shrinkage to tumour is an unexpected bonus!

We have a very happy little family in our house at the moment but we all know there is still a long path ahead of us.  And just to remind us poor Pippa has spent the night with another sore tummy and then provided a slight interruption to writing this blog this morning for a vomit.

For the time being I feel that we are one step ahead of the tumour and I can’t wait to see the pics for myself next week.




9 responses to “9 months in

  1. Cara Chisholm says:

    Great news. Xx

  2. Pamela Nevill says:

    So happy for you all! You’re all doing really well pulling together under horrendous circumstances. We’re pulling for you Virginia and Pippa. How’s the ballet going?

  3. Meredith Shaw says:

    Hey Virginia, sorry long time no hear from me!! Thank goodness you are constant. (But remember you dont have to be, no one will ever judge for that).

    We just got back from Japan and had a repeat of last years Wish Trip! This time was even more fun.

    Awesome news for you, a little step forward. If you want any info re supporting foods, immunity support / protection pls let me know. I know you are full with info but I can maybe make things a bit simpler if you want that kind of advice.

    Kindest regards
    Meredith & kids

  4. Narelle Hill says:

    Fabulous news! Well done team Pippa!! Xx

  5. Joel says:


  6. Sarah Dowds says:

    What wonderful news. Your are all doing an amazing job. xx

  7. Catherine says:

    WELL DONE Pippa on such positive news!
    You should be very proud of yourself, you are such a little fighter👊!
    Catherine Matthew Flynn Lila and Lottie

  8. Joy Mitchell says:

    Yay! That is all 😊 xxoo

  9. Jacquie says:

    That’s so terrific. What an absolute roller coaster in such a short time!! You are doing an absolutely amazing job with dealing and coordinating all the activities/ therapies!

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