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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

A Science Lesson

on March 5, 2014

Just like any other oncology patient, Pippa is regularly required to have blood tests.  The first one coincided with her very first chemotherapy tablet way back in July:  It was not a very happening time for either of us!  Pippa was scared about having the test and I was resentful and emotional about having to hand over the chemo tablet, “Please darling, don’t cry, it won’t hurt and anyway you need to stop crying so you can swallow this cute little peach coloured capsule…….”  Probably a memory that will stay with both of us for different yet similar reasons.

Blood tests these days are a breeze.  Most often we are at the Royal Children’s Hospital where many of the staff know us as we have been so many times.  Today we needed to have blood taken locally which for one reason or another hasn’t happened that much to date.  Local blood testing came with a bonus thanks to our friend who is in the lab.   Pippa had her very own educational tour and learnt what happens on the other side of the needle.  Just another way to help her understand and process everything that is happening.  Oh yes, and bloods were all good so that was an added bonus!

5 responses to “A Science Lesson

  1. Emma Crichton says:

    thanks Virginia and Pippa, I am learning about this because of your careful and loving sharing, take care. All our love x

  2. Emma Crichton says:

    and … the photos with the school uniform on, really can see how you are managing everything so well, I hope you are proud of yourself Virginia, I find you very inspriational

  3. Narelle Hill says:

    You are doing such a great job Pippa, lots of adults are not as brave as you having blood tests! Patrick was telling me today you’re off to Robe for the long wk end, such a beautiful place,
    enjoy! Xx

  4. celia williams says:

    Just discovered your blog, Virginia ! Great to see Pippa having the Lab tour, I know she would have been asking heaps of questions, and how exciting to look down the microscope at her own blood cells. Love the school uniform, same as my daughter Sarah’s when she was in primary school. Keep smiling, Pippa, and don’t forget to come and meet Alfie my lovely dog when you are in Melbourne. xx Celia

  5. Jacquie says:

    Yet again you turn a difficult experience into a positive. Very inspirational!

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