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A Magical Day for a Magical Girl

on February 14, 2015

Pippa had the best birthday awaking to the balloon filled house with two enormous boxes containing James & Patrick’s presents.  Patrick’s she had to bash her way into to reveal a magic kit for Pippa and him to do tricks together and a photo of the school kids on the oval from the helicopter.  James’ gift had to be driven out of the box – a remote control car that Pippa can sit in her chair and whizz around the lounge room.  Pippa uses her hand to accelerate forward and backward and James steers. Later it was modified and turned into a weapon of mass balloon destruction!  Or perhaps I should call it an ankle terrorising beast!  Of course it was no surprise that both boys had included thoughtfully written cards with their gifts.

Pippa had her ears pierced and now wears the prettiest little blue earrings.  Throughout the day our door was a constant stream of deliveries – each one bringing smiles and joy – balloons in all shapes and sizes, flowers, gifts, mail.  On a hot day one poor florist came back at least 3 times!

We held her party at the cinema where all her friends were greeted by and treated to some laughter from Bubbles the Clown.  Everyone enjoyed watching a few funny little pixar animations followed by a comedy of errors  birthday party episode of Modern Family, “Fizbo”. We all marvelled at the magical illusions of Michael the Magician and anyone who asks Pippa will know that she put a yellow scarf into his magic hat but out came a $50 note!  Finally, she had a birthday cake. Not a real cake though, one that James threw into Patrick’s face!  Patrick had no idea and it literally knocked him for six!  The party finished with exactly what Pippa wanted – Ice Cream with Mr Whippy waiting outside and everyone having had a great time.

Pippa came home and opened all her presents reading every single card.   Today she was reading every word written on every card that was made by every one of the classrooms at school.  She opened more cards and gifts that she didn’t get to last night and went through all the text and blog messages.

Pippa already knows she is loved by so many people far and wide – what a great feeling that is!  This birthday has not only created another magical memory, but brought that love to life once again.  Every gift she received was perfect and obviously so thoughtfully chosen for her.  I wanted to share a framed poem written by one of her friends……

Happy birthday, my great friend,

Amazing times, we like to spend.

Fun and happiness, common for us,

A friendship that will never rust.

My special friend that I hold dear,

I always wish to have you near.

We stay together, like bees to honey,

a friendship worth, much more than money.

Happy birthday my great friend,

I’m so excited to attend.

Your thoughts are always clear, in my mind,

Both understanding we always find.

Pippa, I’m glad your birthday has come,

So be very proud of all you have done.

Now this poem is coming to an end, I just wanna

let you know you are such an

inspiring friend.


We have now had 4 fantastic days of Pippa being really great – lots of life about her, sparkle in her eyes, happy, cheeky and her “I can do it myself attitude” shining.  It certainly must be birthday magic!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Pippa’s 11th Birthday so very Magical.

happy birthday

13 responses to “A Magical Day for a Magical Girl

  1. Cara Chisholm says:

    Looks like an amazing day pippa. Xxxxx

  2. jassicunn says:

    Just amazing! Special celebrations for a special girl xx

  3. Meredith Shaw says:

    OH WOW, what an awesome day for Pippa, fantastic to read and feel a little part of it all. Great job James & Patrick – you guys are original!

  4. Suzanne Haebich says:

    Wow! What a party … Perfect for a gorgeous 11 yo. Happy birthday Pippa ! xx

  5. Joy says:

    What a wonderful post to read! Sounds like an awesome birthday Pippa. So glad it was a great day. Your party looks like heaps of fun. Thanks for sharing it with us 😊🎈🎉

  6. Carolyn says:

    Wow Pippa! It does sound like the best birthday party ever! So happy, so magical. Your lucky friends!! James and Patrick have, as ever, been the best brothers…. Everyone must have screamed when the birthday cake was shoved into Patrick’s face! Poor Patrick but then everyone loves a bit of slapstick! Ask your mum what that means! Loads of love to you Pippa, every day in every way….. Jobe, carolyn, yarra and coen

  7. A says:

    What a great party for a special girl- how exciting to see all of your friends and you having a wonderful time- well done to your amazing mum and brothers for all of the planning, organizing and coordinating for such magical occasion! Love to all xxxxxx

  8. Joel says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! That sounds like the best day ever! So happy that you all got to have such a fantastic birthday. I think birthdays should go for a week and it sounds like yours is heading that way.i showed Oscar your balloons, he loves balloons. I loved your poem, beautifully written for a beautiful girl inside and out.So glad that your day was perfect, it’s put a big smile on our faces. Being 11 looks fantastic. Love to you all, Joel, joel and Oscar xxx

  9. jackie [KP'S friend] says:

    WOW, it looks like an amazing day for an amazing and inspiring 11 year old. How lucky to have such beautiful brothers. Happy Birthday gorgeous Pippa. Sending lots of birthday hugs your way!

    • Pamela Nevill says:

      Such a special celebration for a very special girl Pippa! It was truly amazing! Your friend the poet has beautiful thoughts of a beautiful friendship. You are very blessed to have that together. Your Mum and brothers love you so VERY much don’t they. Lots of planning went into this 11th birthday party. They made it so much fun! Love to you all. Pam xxx

  10. Margaret & Michael says:

    What an amazing birthday Pippa, with so many good friends attending.
    What great brothers you have in James and Patrick, helping to make it a happy day for you.
    Our bet is that you were all exhausted by the end of the day.
    Lots of love xoxoxo

  11. Mandy Ross Paris and Austyn Maglaras says:

    Here here to Birthday magic! So happy to read this post. Happy 11th Birthday to the amazing Pippa. Looks like an amazing day.

  12. Emma Zerbe says:

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party, it was wonderful

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