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Much Needed Research

on January 28, 2014

Today has been a cancer research themed day.

On Australia Day Pippa was the VIP guest at a fundraising event in Warrnambool.

This understated  little event called Kick-It Down Under was held in aid of the Royal Children’s Hospital Cancer Research.   The second time it has been held in Warrnambool (the only times outside the USA), it is part of the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation raising much needed research money across the United States for Paediatric Cancer.  The game (Kick Ball) is similar to baseball but with a large rubber ball that is kicked.  I had to do a bit of googling to work it out but my children tell me in Australia they call it “Boot Ball” and play it at school and with friends in the street.

The participants of the game were the Australian and USA Sprint Car drivers who were in Warrnambool for the Australia Day Long weekend Classic.  This is about where my knowledge of all things sprint cars starts and ends, but I think that this particular meet may be the biggest (should I say in the world? I don’t know, the Southern Hemisphere perhaps sounds pretty safe).  Pippa started the game off with a “pitch” and then also kicked and ran for both teams.  A fun experience!  Today was the cheque presentation to the hospital.

Later this afternoon we also went to meet the family who have started Robert Connor Dawes Fund.   In memory of their son,  brother and friend, this group are campaigning for more brain cancer research.  They are also the inspiration, motivation and support behind Pippa’s yoga and music therapy through her radiation and now her continued yoga therapy in Melbourne.  It was a little bit confronting for me and I was quite apprehensive.  Liz has been on the other end of a text message for me and I felt I wanted to meet her.  I’m glad I did but I am particularly glad that they were abe to meet Pippa.  I applaud them for all they are doing and for speaking up  loud for brain cancer research and hope that by meeting Pippa their fight will be inspired further.

One response to “Much Needed Research

  1. Hintum Family says:

    Pippa is looking fantastic!!!!
    Great stuff.

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