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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

A Little Driving Holiday

on January 25, 2014

After the last chemo cycle we decided to pack up the car and take a little driving holiday visiting lots of wonderful friends.  A blood test on the Monday morning to check all was OK and we were on our way.  Also coming along with us was the recent heatwave!  We started by taking the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento, then went across the peninsular to Ballnaring, up to the Yarra Valley, across to Seymour and then back down to Melbourne and home.

Part of Pippa’s treatment plan is actually to be as normal as possible and have fun.  Her oncologist has spent a lot of time with Pippa and quickly realised  how much she gets out of life.  We often seem to be sitting in front of him with a bit of a smirk on our faces knowing that he will roll his eyes, shake his head at her and just end up saying, “Well, did you have fun young lady?”

Our next visit will be no exception.  Pippa has listed her favourite things she did on our holiday……..

Going on the inflatable behind the boat at Sorrento

Driving the John Deer and riding the horse at Ballnaring

Relaxing in the creek and swimming in the dam at King Lake

Getting thrown around the pool at Tallarook

Rock Climbing in Melbourne

She scaled 18 metres with ease.  Her brothers were considerably impressed but I was not surprised at all to look around the room and only see one pint sized rock climber 3 storeys high!  Pippa has no fear and will always give anything a go (and is usually pretty good at it too!).

One response to “A Little Driving Holiday

  1. Joel says:

    wholly molley! I’d be sick being up that high! Clever cookie! Looks like you all have had a well deserved holiday. Great photos Mum.

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