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A Magical Reef Wish

on September 25, 2013

The anticipation leading up to today was indeed high.  Even though Pippa has had a wonderful time over the past 3 days on our Palm Cove holiday, she was terribly excited about today, “Her Wish Day”.  And she was not in the least bit disappointed.  The weather was absolutely perfect –  30 degrees and crystal clear turquoise water of glass.

The Quicksilver Outer Reef staff were expecting her and they treated her as the VIP she deserved to be.  The underwater observatory and a ride on the semi submersible where we saw turtles and a reef shark prepared her well for her snorkeling experience.

At first it was difficult.  Combining the breathing with the deep water and the vast ocean to eventually overcome natural trepidation took a little perseverance but Pippa was determined.  Quicksilver and Make-A-Wish had organised a marine biology snorkeling tour which was amazing.  In my previous life I have been to the reef many times but to snorkel alongside my children with a marine biologist explaining the different corals and fish was truly special.  Our guide would dive down and point out special fish and corals to look at and do it all whilst wearing a Go Pro for us so we could bring home our own memories.

Pippa swam and swam.  She saw everything and did not miss one piece of coral she snorkelled above or pretty fish that swam past her.  As the horn sounded to come aboard she was still swimming.  As everyone else was climbing our of the water Pippa was darting in, around and under the platform.  Eventually, the last person in the ocean the Quicksilver staff member who was getting great enjoyment watching her bob around tapped her and said, “Pippa, you’ve got to come aboard now or you’ll be left behind.”  To which she replied, “That’s OK, I’m busy following a fish anyway!”

Thank You Make A Wish and Quicksilver.

In the semi-submersible


Suited up – sun protection, stinger protection, sea lice protection and looking oh-so-fine!


Pippa snorkelling


What do 3 children do after a long and tiring day snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef?…………..

Pippa; have a shower, write some postcards and fall fast asleep


James & Patrick; fold each other up in the rollaway bed!  And yes, it did close all the way!


10 responses to “A Magical Reef Wish

  1. Donna Lumsden says:

    great stuff guys xxx

  2. Claire Higgs says:

    So rapt to hear all the news. Looks amazing. Pippa, “tu es fantastique!” Claire, Russ n boys. Xx

    Connected by Motorola

  3. Goldie Goldstraw says:


  4. Sue Rice says:

    Very cool! A wonderful few days for you all, which you can remember forever.
    Virginia looking at that photo of your all together, I do believe that James is now taller than you.
    Love Sue, Jess and Soph xxx

  5. Narelle Hill says:

    What a fabulous holiday for you all! Pippa very proudly told me she has never been sea sick! I was telling her about my seasickness both times I’ve done this trip on the Quicksilver, it’s an amazing experience! Loved the photos. Xx

  6. Jasmine says:

    Oh how much fun can one have in a day!?? Looks amazing! I’m wondering if Patrick managed to FALL off the continental shelf? Lol…. Hope the go pro captured some awesome little videos. Glad you all had a fab time. Wow! Xxx

  7. Rebecca Rea says:

    Happy to hear you’re having a good time.
    How long did the balloons survive?
    See you soon.

  8. Meredith Shaw says:

    Hello Rea Family, loved the wrap up of your day at the Great Barrier Reef. I will see Peta at work tomorrow and tell her about the wonderful comments on the Reef tour. Thank you for sharing your blog, Love to you all and PLEASE lob on us any time you want when you need another Great Barrier Reef Fix.

    Meredith, Evie & Asher Shaw – Port Douglas

  9. Brydie says:

    Virginia so wonderful to read that you all enjoyed yourselves so much. Great to see that P & J haven’t lost their sense of humor !! What a wonderful organization Make a Wish is, so well deserved. Bx

  10. joseph dowling says:

    lucky times

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