Pippa Rea

Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

Entering the Last Week of Radiation

This is now the 7th week we have walked through the doors at Peter Mac for Radiation. I think I speak for both Pippa and I when I say it has not been as frightening nor as bad an experience as either of us had anticipated. Pippa’s amazing ability to handle anything she faces with a positive and happy attitude combined with the doctors’ careful planning have meant that aside from being uncomfortable from the weight gain due to the steroids and some tiredness, she has charged through. And I do mean charged – quite often the radiotherapists do not keep us as she runs down the tunnel to the treatment room!

What better way to mark our final week than including James and Patrick for one last visit? They joined in on the French lesson where they played a game of French Bingo and James realised that his sister probably knows more French than him and poor Patrick was doing his hardest to try and pronounce the numbers. We went for a wander through Captain Cook’s Cottage and the Conservatory in the Fitzroy Gardens. Pippa decided that the house was small and she thought it would be hard to live in.

The highlight of the visit was being the first to listen to Pippa’s very own recording. She has written her own words to Mylie Cyrus’ Party in the USA named Party in Peter Mac Today. Immensely proud of both her attitude and her music, the smiles on their faces beamed with pride and the applause was loud 🙂

The next time we see James and Patrick Pippa will be finished with radiation forever. Fingers crossed that while she’s been coping so brilliantly on the outside the treatment has started to kill that rotten lump on the inside.


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