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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

What’s Next

on September 13, 2013

Pippa has returned to school this week and I am busy tying up 100s of loose ends from my life prior to 26 June along with planning our future routine.   We currently have a month off major medication although the radiation is still actively working in her body for another 2 weeks.  In October we commence 12 months of intense chemotherapy.     We will continue to travel to Melbourne for check ups, specialists, scans and to collect the drugs. Fortunately, the medication can be taken orally which hopefully means minimal disruption.

My children and I are fortunate to have so many people caring about us and I am extremely grateful.  It is evident to me returning home how important it was for James and Patrick to be able to continue with a normal routine.   The support Pippa and I had in Melbourne made our life away from them so much easier.  I am so lucky that I have friends and family in both locations.  I often thought and also commented that it would have been much harder had we relocated for 7 weeks to a place  where we knew no one and had no support.  I know that is the situation for many people who have to travel long distances and  interstate to receive specialist medical treatment.   It must be incredibly difficult and daunting.

To everyone in Melbourne and Warrnambool who has shared coffee, wine, walks, food and laughs with me, “Thank You”

To everyone who has given up their time and energy for my children and I when you didn’t think you actually had any spare time to give from your own lives, “Thank You”

To everyone who has gone out of their way to do amazing feats for us,  “Thank You”

To everyone who has read and continues to read this blog and therefore sends positive thoughts our way, “Thank You”

To three businesses in Melbourne who unknowingly made our life a little easier, happier or pleasant when we dealt with them:   Fleur Depot De Pain (Cafe on Arthur St off St Kilda Rd); Classico (Restaurant  on Arthur St off St Kilda Rd);  and Uber (the most fantastic App to download and use instead of a taxi), in particular Pippa’s favourite driver Adriano “Risotto Man”


2 responses to “What’s Next

  1. Trish Grady says:

    Virginia, I teach some of Pippa’s friends in PF and have been following Pippa’s progress on your blog. You are an inspiration. We too, spent many months away from home, with a critically ill child and really appreciated the wonderful support we received from our friends, colleagues and family. Good luck for the next chapter in Pippa’s story. She is always in our thoughts and prayers. Xx

  2. Narelle Hill says:

    A beautiful message Virginia. It was lovely to see Pippa running around in the playground at school with her friends on Thursday. Xx

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