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How To Impress Your Grandfather on Father’s Day

on September 2, 2013

Hit him for six in cricket!

And she did – right over his head! I didn’t buy Dad a bottle of wine, a block of chocolate or a pair of socks; I just said, “Happy Father’s Day Dad, here’s your grand daughter.” We ate fish and chips and packed the cricket bat and tennis ball. Never one to not give sport a go (nor for that matter, not be good at it), Pippa picked up the bat, walked over to the pitch and astounded us all with her ability despite her double vision and having just completed week six of radiation.

The main event this weekend was actually supposed to be James and Patrick going to the footy. I have been very mindful that even though they’ve been able to stay at home in their own space during all of this they have still been very displaced and thus I wanted to arrange something special for them. They had been given tickets to the MCG on Saturday night and each took some friends on the (Warrnambool Essendon Supporter) bus down to watch the match. The excitement leading up to the departure on Saturday afternoon was almost unbearable. For Patrick going to watch Essendon was just bliss, but for all of them they were equally excited about 6 hours on a bus with mates and arriving home at 2.00am.

Last week Pippa had some special visitors from the west – one bearing a task of naming some future greyhound champions which Pippa aptly did, the other (my sister) living in our apartment and bearing personal training sessions for me at every opportunity. It became harder as the week went on to reach up to close the curtains every night!

Thursday saw Pippa fitted with some glasses containing stick on prisms to try and see if we can encourage a bit of movement from her left eye. It’s a guessing game really as the extent of the nerve damage and thus whether there is to be any recovery at all is still unknown, but even trying to teach the brain to talk to the nerves again is worthwhile. Although watching her hit a cricket ball and you wouldn’t even know there was any problem with her eyes at all! Walking through the hospital she was lucky enough to meet a celebrity……….the Dulux Dog!!!

A visit from cousins earlier in the week meant games, lunch in the park and the girls got to join in on some Taylor Swift jamming in music therapy.

3 responses to “How To Impress Your Grandfather on Father’s Day

  1. Alecia says:

    Thanks so much Virginia for allowing James to invite a great group of friends to enjoy a game of footy. From what I can get they had lots of laughs and the infamous ‘What happens on the trip stays on the trip’ . A huge thanks. All our love.

  2. Dear Virginia,

    Looks like you thought of something for everyone!! Close family and friends are so important to lean on and lets not forget the personal trainer!! Good on you for taking care of you so that you can take better care of your children and stay focus.

    I have been reading your posts and think you have a great girl in Pippa.

    Always wishing you the best,

  3. Sue-Ellen says:

    What a fantastic present for Tony! Great photos and post Ginny. xxx

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