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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

Therapies & New Experiences

on August 21, 2013

I have been on a very steep learning curve and I by no means profess to be able to keep pace completely with what is going on in our lives.  What I know is that medically, our options are what they are and Pippa’s doctors are treating her individually at the highest level of knowledge and research possible.  The other thing I know for sure is that this treatment is concentrated inside her brain – inside the very inside of the part that controls the central nervous and cognitive systems of our body.

Apart from supporting Pippa and being the most positive influence I can on our family, I truly believe that this time and in the next few years ahead it is vitally important that I help stimulate as many parts of her brain that I possibly can.

Currently our week includes music therapies from two different therapists, yoga, reiki and French lessons.  In addition, Pippa uses many items from her suitcase full of goodies and also plays a variety of games and board games that require strategy, concentration and memory.  Each of these activities is not only fun and enjoyable for her, but also imperative to keep her brain active, and her cognitive development aroused.  For all of us parents who “lose it” over the time our children spend on iPads, some of those games are also important for hand/eye speed reactions.  Who would have thought I would ever say that???!!!!

We plan to continue with these experiences when we return home and will  also combine them with our next phase of treatment.

As is always the case with whatever Pippa tries, she takes to it like a duck to water and is so good at everything:

Music; singing, percussion, lyrics – she rocks it all!

Reiki;  she completely relaxes and opens her mind.

Yoga;  loves it and her balance and capabilities are amazing.

French; ………well, we both try to learn……..one of us is doing tres tres bien (very very well), the other of us is a bit more comme ci come ca (so so).  In fact, to put it bluntly, one of us spends most of the lesson trying to keep up – and I’m being well and truly left behind!

3 responses to “Therapies & New Experiences

  1. Narelle Hill says:

    Such a beautiful post Virginia! You’re doing a fabulous job!The photos are great, so nice to see Pippa happy. James was very excited today about going to gold class.

  2. jassicunn says:

    That all sounds like so much fun too! Gin just cheat in then French lessons and go to Google translate…. You’ll be a pro in 2 minutes! He he he.

  3. Jacquie says:

    Such a fantastic array of activities going on! Amazing mum Virginia! Awesome ideas and experiences. What is champagne in French?

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