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A Funny Thing Happened in Faulkner Park

The title of this post should have been, “A Frantically Busy Week” or “The Boys Came to Visit” or “24 Hours of James & Patrick”, but no, a funny thing did happen in Faulkner Park.

We have had a huge week trying to fit in everything from treatment appointments, doctors’ appointments, therapies, exercise, sleeps, coffee and of course just the right amount of wine with girlfriends to keep me sane!  It has been frantic (not the coffee and wine parts) to say the least and I have not even opened my computer once.  I have, however, switched into “work mode” to make a couple of alterations to our schedule (thank you Peter Mac for understanding) and from next week our routine is set and I will be completely organised and back in control of everything (that I can be)!

James and Patrick visited on Wednesday for 24 hours and in true boy style they were intrigued with everything that was involved in Pippa’s treatment – they participated in her music therapy and made sure they tested out as much of the equipment as  possible!  It was so important for their understanding, but also for Pippa, to have them spend time with her experiencing her treatment.  We had some family time, caught up with friends and we all went to Faulkner Park to check out Pippa’s brand new, very cool scooter that she and I went shopping for earlier in the week.

Of course, the second we entered the park Patrick produced a long punt of the footy that is permanently attached to his arm.  Who would have thought it would end up in the top of a tree????!!!  Hmmmm……..

Patrick climbed, I advised, James threw sticks and Pippa giggled.  The tree was not conducive to climbing so Patrick’s attempt did not result in enough height.  James was persistent with his sticks but I thought shaking a branch kind of in the vicinity of where the footy was might do the trick………….

James eventually managed to get the footy out by throwing sticks.  I, on the other hand, ended up with the branch coming off in my hand and the attached ‘limb’ landing on top of my forehead!  I’m not talking small either, the limb broke away from the trunk, hung for a few seconds and then fell smack on my head as I turned to look up!   Pippa was heard to comment through fits of giggles, “Mum, anyone would think it was you on steroids pulling down that big branch!”.

Now, for anyone reading this who works with me during September and knows of my protective nature toward “Park Elms”, my instant reaction was to look around for any witnesses (particularly those in white utes), drag the limb to a “windswept” position,  pretend as if nothing happened and ensure there was no photographic evidence in existence.  (By the way, I have not done that before.)  The only witnesses turned out to be my hysterically laughing and oh so concerned children and friend along with a man walking his dog who was clearly going to get excellent mileage for the rest of the day!  How those people on Funniest Home Videos know to get ready to film in advance, I have no idea.  What I do know, is if we had, we would win hands down!

Laughter is an important part of our lives.  As a family the four of us have always had a lot of laughs and fun.  I’m thrilled that a great deal of enjoyment was gained from my expense – Pippa was doubled up barely able to stand!  A rather large egg on my head was a small price to pay for a story that she has giggly retold many times.


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