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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour


on December 27, 2017

Nibbles came to us Christmas 4 years ago…..


He fixed tummy aches, he joined birthday parties and they shared countless punnets of blueberries.  Pippa used to tell him he had a very fat bottom!



Since the 28th March 2015 he has provided comfort and love and sometimes has even mistakenly been called Pippa.  He would knock on the door to get let in and without fail he would hop up to Pippa’s bedroom.  Every Single Time!  The first thing he did after she left us was to paw and snif at her bagful of clothes.  We have often found him on her bed, with her teddies, playing with her yellow dancing costume and just sitting or sleeping in her room.  He ate every flower that ever entered the vicinity of our back yard except for Yellow Jonquils planted for Pippa – those he would just sit in amongst and sometimes rub his chin on.  He has been known to sit up at the back of the couch and stare at the photo of him and her on our wall – no kidding!

IMG_3505 - Version 2

This Christmas he hopped into Pippa’s room one last time and went to his favourite sleeping spot beside her bag of clothes and her school bag.  He knew exactly what was happening and precisely where he needed to be.  He went to sleep peacefully, I left a candle on all night and he didn’t wake up.

We buried him in our back yard that he had so much joy in.  He is sleeping forever with a carrot, a flower and 2 photos of Pippa, but he is now hopping, running crazily and laughing forever in Pippa’s beautiful heaven….


Pippa’s Heaven

Darling Nibbles and Darling Pippa……every single day hurts

9 responses to “Nibbles

  1. kathy lochead says:

    So sad but happy as they are togther again.

  2. Meredith Shaw says:

    It hurts when they’re here, its hurts when they’re gone, it just always hurts.

  3. Sandy Killen says:

    I’m very sorry to hear that Virgina. So very sad to say goodbye to precious Nibbles. Forever so special for so many reasons..

  4. Oh Gin Nibbles was such a gorgeous pet rabbit my heart goes out to you and the boys, now he is with Pippa in her very special place in her arms again, big hugs to you and the boys xxx

  5. Julie liptak says:

    So so sad Gin and boys – were all thinking of you
    He was such a little sprite and part of the family
    A joy , cheeky ,full of mischief and always determined to be with Pippa and you all
    Big big love
    Jules dan and the boys xxx

  6. Margaret Britton says:

    Darling Pippa & Darling Nibbles, Sweet & Beautiful Pictures showing the Comfort & Love between them. A Sad but Beautiful Story xxxx

  7. Wow!
    What a beautiful story of two connected souls!
    Love to you all!
    Beth, Brian, Sarah & Kenzie zz

  8. Wow!
    What a beautiful story of two connected souls!
    Love to you all!
    Beth, Brian, Sarah and Kenzie xx

  9. Jacquie Baulch says:

    Oh my!!! Thinking of you all. What beautiful words and a special experience with amazing memories!

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