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Pippa Rea Friendship Day

on February 12, 2016

Last year the Grade 5s at St Joseph’s had to give a speech to be considered to be part of the leadership team.  One of Pippa’s friends gave his speech on establishing an annual Pippa Rea Friendship Day to be held at the start of the year near her birthday.  This day would encourage and remind students how to be a good friend to each other – something that so evidently came naturally to Pippa and was recognised by everyone.


In the lead up to the day the teacher who was assisting Flynn commented how refreshing it was to start the year using “Friendship” as the focus instead of anti-bullying.

The children all wore yellow – those who had Team Pippa shirts wore them.


The grade 5 and 6 students visited the junior and middle school classrooms in the morning talking about friendship and running a “Friendship Workshop”.  They all learnt the “Friendship Pledge that Flynn had come up with in memory of Pippa.    James, Patrick and I popped into the Botanic Gardens over the road from the school to say hi to the senior students when they were enjoying a shared picnic in the glorious sunshine.

In the afternoon all the school “friends” moved into the hall.  590 children stood in a circle, joined hands and, led by Flynn, recited the Friendship Pledge.


In memory of Pippa, I promise to be a caring, thoughtful and fun friend.



Flynn and I then spoke to the school about friendship and Pippa.

Flynn has been working tirelessly on this project. Last night when he visited us I was so impressed with his speech that I asked his permission to share it on the blog.  He says that Pippa is his inspiration but what an inspiration Flynn is.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every school could take his model, adapt it to their environment and also hold a

Pippa Rea Friendship Day

creating  schools where kind, caring and thoughtful actions were on every student’s mind and where in Flynn’s words it is:



Hi my name is Flynn.

I am here to explain the Pippa Rea Friendship Day.

I came up with the idea and then spoke with Virginia, James and Patrick so we could all never forget, and always remember, what Pippa taught us.

Pippa Rea was a student here at St. Joes from Prep to grade 5 and is part of our grade 6 year level.

She is our friend.

I think I am the LUCKIEST boy in the world to call Pippa my friend. She was an amazing friend not just to me but to ALL  of us.

Pippa was SUPER kind,        SUPER generous      and       SUPER caring.

I am only 11 years old and she has taught me things that lots of adults don’t even know.

Friendship day is a good day to go over these.

Pippa is a girl and I am a boy. This did not matter. It taught me that friends come in all shapes and sizes.

I think you all should try and branch out and  YOU TOO might find someone just as amazing…give it a go!



Pippa taught me this!

I LOVED spending time with Pippa.

Pippa was the kindest girl.

Her actions and words were always kind and generous.

She was always thinking of others.



This was the hardest lesson at first. It was REALLY  hard seeing Pippa not being able to talk so well.

I soon learnt you don’t need words to be a friend.  PIPPA’s actions spoke for her.

Pippa always had a smile to give, her hands to hold, a wink or a thumbs up to give.

This taught me that a simple smile    or     thumbs up can change someone’s whole day or even life!

I know when I got one of Pippa’s smiles I felt so Happy.

I MISS Pippa’s smile the most.

Remember to share yours.




Pippa made the most of everyday and opportunity.

Pippa was a happy positive person.

Pippa showed us all this at sports day last year…she is a GUN at sports!

We should all try and give 100% effort and try our best every day and never give up.

Pippa has made me try SO much harder especially at maths.

Man she was SMART!

I loved when I was her buddy in maths. It was the only time I went well because she had all the answers!!

Pippa loved St Joes and her friends.

We are all lucky because when we go to St. Joes, we are all one friendship group. We should all look out for one another and help each other.

At St Joes there is NO room for unkind words OR actions.

It is NEVER ok to be unkind.

I would like everyone to think how you could be a better friend.

I hope we all have a happy year of friendship in 2016.



Let’s all now wish Pippa a happy 12th birthday with 12 big claps.

Thank you for your time.


Flynn, Pippa would have loved today. She would have relished teaching the younger students about friendship and sharing the day with you and all her friends.  I know that she is watching over you and is so proud of what you achieved today in her honour.

What a truly great friend you are!


9 responses to “Pippa Rea Friendship Day

  1. E says:

    xox I didn’t get far into reading this without reaching for the tissues. What beautiful, beautiful words, thank you Flynn. Happy Friendship Day to everyone, wherever you may be xox

  2. Carolyn Blackman says:

    You absolutely rock Pippa Rea – your light shines so bright! Your effect in this world will ripple out and reverberate for ever. Happy birthday and Happy Friendship day to all. Flynn, you are a leader and I hope that you are in a position to change the world some time very soon – I’d like our world to more closely resemble your picture of the world. Hugs to all, C

  3. Anna Wilson says:

    Pippa was my best friend, and I’ll never forget her …. Pippa’s birthday and friendship day was truly beautiful. It was a very emotional time but a great way to reflect Pippa’s qualities and celebrate friendship. Even though it was an extremely hard day I still smile as I think about the thing with Andrew Chinn’s songs! Flynn’s speech was so good and I know Pippa would have loved it. I could not have gotten through that. I’m so lucky to have had Pippa as my friend as she taught me so much in life and even how to be a good friend MYSELF! Lots of love to you (Virginia) and the boys. Love Anna xoxo Oh, and give Nibbles a hug and a carrot from me!

  4. Cathy says:

    What an absolutely amazing, beautiful concept and speech. Congratulations Flynn. You certainly have Pippa’s spirit in there.
    Happy birthday to Pippa.
    We are spending the afternoon at Elwood beach in her memory. Where Lucy and Pippa once spent a lovely summer day of gymnastics on the beach. LOTS of love to you Virginia, Patrick and James from the Mottrams. X

    • boothkids says:

      Happy Birthday Pippa – we have been thinking of you, Patrick, James and Virginia all day. We think the Friendship Day is such an amazingly positive and beautiful way to remember beautiful Pippa. Love Nicki, Ian, Tom, Maddy and Rosie xxxxx

  5. Raelene Ponting says:

    Flynn what you have said is amazing and inspirational. If the world was full of more people like you this truly would be a better place and it is COOL TO BE KIND…Well said

  6. Amanda Tolhurst (Manz) says:

    Absolutely beautiful! X

  7. Words can’t express the feeling I have after reading this….thanks for sharing

  8. Derek Debo says:

    “Flynn didn’t want us to forget Pippa and she was a very good friend of his. He wanted kids to know that it’s cool to be a good friend,” Mr Gray said.

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