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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

School Liturgy

Today Pippa’s school held a “Liturgy of Life” so they could remember and farewell Pippa as a school community; particularly also, because her passing and funeral were in the school holidays meant that some children were unable to attend our service in the gardens.

Teachers and children put together a beautiful display of therapeutic artwork. Each class had been doing free drawing whilst listening to relaxation music.  It was up to them whether they used it as a time to think of Pippa but I’m sure most of them did and the result was a wonderful reflection of colour – butterflies, frangipanis, portraits, rainbows, words, flowers.  All of which were displayed in the school hall for Pippa’s liturgy.  Everyone was asked to wear a touch of yellow and yellow was adorned in everything from school footy socks, to hair ribbons.  Special items were brought to the front by Pippa’s classmates and a moving candle lighting ceremony was followed by prayers, readings and music.  I commend every child who had the strength to get up and speak during such a ceremony.

I spoke to the children about Pippa’s Friendship:

Pippa was a friend to all of you. I know this because she would often come home and tell me about things that had happened at school. She would tell me that she would always make sure everyone was included and no one felt left out. She would help her friends in class or in sport. Pippa was lots of fun to be around.  She told me how she would listen to a friend if they were sad and help them if they needed it. 

The other reason I know Pippa was a good friend was because many of you have told me. And your parents have told me too. I have received so many letters and messages about how Pippa has helped so many of you here at school. That makes me a very proud mum. And it makes me very happy to know how much Pippa meant to you all.

Pippa is a good, kind, caring, thoughtful, trustworthy and helpful friend.

 To all of you Pippa still is your friend. To some of you she is your best friend. As you grow older, you will move schools, play different sports, go to university, get jobs, leave home, travel the world. You’ll grow up. As your lives change so too can your friends. Sometimes your friends will remain the same and sometimes you will make new friends.

The one friend that you will always have though is Pippa. Pippa will be your friend forever and that will never ever change. Each of you can remember Pippa in your own special way and I hope that by having Pippa as your friend forever you become better friends and look after, help and care for one another.

Throughout your life Pippa’s friendship will remain with you forever. Nothing and no one can ever take that away. Pippa will always be your friend.

I concluded by letting them know they can always come and visit me whenever they want to, say hello, give me a cuddle and feed Nibbles a carrot!

The Liturgy aptly finished with a cute little video clip to Bruno Mars, Count on Me

After which, the entire school moved out to the oval to release some yellow balloons to one of Pippa’s favourite songs, Taylor Swift, Safe and Sound.  The children were all excited when one balloon left the bunch early and flew off on its own toward a tiny patch of blue sky.  That one was Pippa’s!  She was not missing out.

James & Patrick gave out balloons

Some people just can’t help

making a difference in our lives.

By simply being who they are,

they make the world

a little brighter,

a little warmer,

a little gentler,

and when they’re gone

we realise how lucky we are

to have known them.

The world has lost

a very special person

Pippa Rea, St Joseph’s Primary School Student 2010-2015


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