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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

Funeral Arrangements

on March 31, 2015

The boys and I have been overwhelmed by the sympathy shown to us in Pippa’s passing.  Her life has truly been remarkable.  What is also astounding is the enormous number of people who have viewed this blog.  A beautiful tribute shrine has been set up at her Primary School. An article was featured in the local paper today

I have received many queries as to whether or not Pippa’s farewell will be public.  Pippa never excluded anyone.  A funeral will be held for Pippa in the Botanical Gardens, Warrnambool on Thursday 2nd April at 4pm.  Yes, it will be an incredibly sad day but we will be surrounded by life and it will be beautiful.

10 responses to “Funeral Arrangements

  1. E says:

    To all Pippa’s family, love and hugs to you all. I’ll be with you in spirit on Thursday. My deepest and most sincere sympathy is sent with this message xox

  2. Leanne Mugavin says:


    It has been with such sadness and joy we have followed your blog. There really are no words to say. I do however need to say how very lucky darling Pippa is to have you as her mother . Your strength and courage has been amazing.
    Leanne & Noel x

  3. Carolyn says:

    Darling Virg, James and Patrick,
    It’s testament to your love and courage that so many people have followed along Pip’s journey with you and that so many people have viewed your blog. The way you have allowed people into to your private lives and precious time with Pip is just so inspiring and truly, it honours Pip beautifully and powerfully. Pip’s spirit was incredible but clearly it is little wonder – she has sprung from the most incredible mother I have ever known and been adored by her brothers, young men of such true quality, who have stood beside her; steadfast. The way in which you have all committed to make Pips life the positive one it truly has been will make her shine brightly for you and for us all, forever. Xcarolyn

  4. Barbara Damp says:

    We can only be with you in spirit on Thursday – but we’ll be thinking of you all as you farewell beautiful Pippa. Sending love and strength to an amazing family.

  5. Sam Jackson-Philbin says:

    Dearest Virginia, James and Patrick,
    We will be with you all so very much in spirit on Thursday. You are a remarkable family and you have all touched us deeply with your love and courage. Sending so many hugs and much love, Sam, Tom & Luke xxx

  6. Jo Bishop says:

    We will be with you in spirit here in the UK as you say a formal goodbye and see you later to Pippa. Sending you love and hugs xxx

  7. Lynice and Carl Rea says:

    Dearest Virginia and boys,

    Our sincere condolences to you and the boys on the sad passing of little Pippa. It pains us to be so far away and not be able to tell you in person or to be there on Thursday. Please know that we are thinking of you, and Pippa will always be in out hearts.

    All our love
    Carl & Lynice Rea
    Cameron, Mitchell & Lily.

  8. onyinye Nnenji says:

    A child’s death is not the best news any parent would want to hear, but when a child touches so many lives then the parents should be happy because their child was a blessings not just to them but to the whole world. Praying for you.

  9. Stephanie Thiberge (Reid) says:

    Virginia, James & Patrick

    It was with great pleasure that I had the chance to babysit Pippa and the Boys before leaving Australia in what now seems like an eternity ago !
    She was such a bright, bubbly & beautiful little girl.

    My deepest condolences to you and all your family in this difficult time.

    Pippa is in my thoughts and i wish you all the courage and strength,


  10. Barry says:


    I wasn’t aware of your blog until I read the story in the Standard recently. I went back and read it all, having to stop on several occasions as the emotion were too overwhelming.

    I honestly dont know what to say. You are such an amazing person, and have 2 wonderful boys. Pippa seemed so strong, she must have been a wonderful daughter – my sincere condolences.

    My daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour at aged three. Luckily, it was in a position where it could mostly be removed, but it was just the worst time. She is now 8, and well, but with continued monitoring.

    Barry – Geelong

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