Pippa Rea

Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour


We went to Noosa for a week. Technically it was to have a lovely little break with some friends but in reality I knew it was to watch the subtle decline of Pippa. Things started to happen that affected Pippa’s speech, her walking and the movement in both her eyes. She had already lost the ability to swallow liquids and had been on thickened drinks for a few days. We were there to spend some time focusing just on her and being just with her and the boys. Our friends we holiday with are the type that can just be in the background and let that happen and I thank them for that.  The beach and sand were too difficult making her unstable but the pool with its weightlessness was a lovely respite for Pippa even though just 10 minutes did wear her out.  Pippa was watched over and protected by her beautiful brothers.  Such special boys.   Even though she was tired she was looked up to and adored as always by Kate and she had a surprise visit from Claudia

Pippa did visit the beach once.  She quietly went to the water’s edge and wrote on the sand……..P&M 4 Ever.

Silly me asked her who M was – Mummy……..


We returned from Noosa to the Children’s Hospital and Peter Mac for scans and planning.  We’re not taking this lying down just yet.



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