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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour


Yes, we were in Venice the same day George Clooney got married!  One of us took a water taxi along the Grand Canal to board a cruise ship and the other went across the Grand Canal from the Aman Hotel to the Venizia Town Hall to exchange his vows………but this blog is not about me, or George…….

Pippa could not imagine how you could have a city with only canals and James was not party to there being no cars at all.  His first comment was – I guess if there’s a fire the fire truck’s a boat.  We actually ended up seeing a fire boat (lights and all) and of course it doesn’t need to carry its own water, just a pump and hose.

We stayed in Venice for a day and a half either side of the cruise.  It was funny, because prior to the cruise I explained how part of being in Venice is getting lost along the narrow, meandering cobblestoned streets that are intertwined with the canals.  Even though our apartment was located just around the back of San Marco, all the three of them were reluctant to venture far and certainly did not want to “get lost”.

On our return however, they were much more confident and we wandered expertly without even having to rely on a map. The other incentive was that Venice was so busy with tourists, in the end we wanted to get lost just to get away from the throngs of crowds.  There were certainly more tourists than pigeons and try as she might, Pippa could not get one to land on her just nibble a bit at her hand.  Much unlike when I was last there and there were less people but everyone looked like a big moving pigeon!

We have purchased many gifts and souvenirs from Paris but in Venice Pippa purchased two genuine Murano glass pendants – one of which is the traditional symbol, the tree of life.

Pippa told me she would like to return to Venice when she is 15.  I’ll gladly take her.


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