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Happy 10th Birthday

Happy 10th birthday Pippa.

Last night wasn’t so flash; first night of the chemo cycle and you were writhing in pain. A pain that grabs your belly and moves up the left side of your neck – I don’t know why that is. The belly pain is understandable but this not the first time you have the neck pain with it. I’m just not sure about that. Maybe last cycle I was wrong? Perhaps the first night on treatment is always going to be rough and nights 2-5 will settle down a bit. Last night was hard. I was tired after driving home, I forgot about you having an empty stomach before we started and everyone was vying for my attention. We missed the timing a bit (due to the empty stomach forgetfulness) and things were pretty awful. I wasn’t going to let you fight it curled up in my bed. I helped you with pain relief so you could fall asleep. After all, you are still battling with a cough as we’ll. It’s the first time I’ve used pain relief for you but your body seemed tiny compares to the pain. I needed to help you and holding you in my arms while we sang wasn’t enough last night. You slept well then ready to wake fresh this morning for your birthday.

Because of your strict diet this week you weren’t able to take your favourite mini mud cakes in to school for your birthday. Instead I made yellow meringues. Yellow is by far the favourite colour now! (with fluro green coming a close second)  Happy, bright, smiling, sunshine yellow. That did the trick and ticked the tummy-friendly boxes! A dairy free chocolate cake and sorbet worked a treat after dinner for birthday dessert tonight as we’ll. treatment or no treatment, a girl has to have cake and candles on her birthday! Presents and loads of messages for your birthday along with a trip out to the field days so you didn’t miss seeing Tony and Nan meant that it was a pretty good day.  And don’t forget about your gorgeous brothers giving your cuddles, sitting beside you in bed while your opened your presents and just loving you so much.

You were very tired though. I managed the routine better tonight and you were better too. The house was calm, you fell asleep during your massage and you were in bed within the two hour window before that awful pain had a chance to come. Maybe it is a first night thing when those drugs first hit your body at the beginning of each cycle? I’m not sure. I will have to wait and see next time.

For now though, happy birthday, Princess Pippa. I know you will read this; you quite often scroll through this blog on your iPad. I think it is helping you cope with all the changes we are going through. Having the words to read and the pictures to look at helps you understand what has happened and process it all without being scared.

Happy Birthday to You.  It is lovely every day to see your beautiful smile spread across your face.


A new bike instead of James’ slightly too big hand-me-down


Yellow meringues to share with classmates and teachers


Happy 10th Birthday Pippa


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