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Sorry, No Pic of an MRI……..

on December 30, 2013

A full day at hospital today also included an MRI that we had not told anyone about.  I have quickly learnt that keeping a poker face and holding MRI appointments close to my chest is a much simpler way to deal with the anticipation.  Unfortunately, it also seems to bring secret tears as I sit through the scan.

The result however, has proved worth it.  Whilst reading an MRI like this takes many weeks of intricate comparison to the previous scans, Pippa’s oncologist was very keen to have an “unqualified”  look for himself.  He is happy and can see some positive signs in the pictures so far.  This at last (after 5 and a half months of surgery and treatment) matches something solid and medical on the inside with what we see on the outside.  It also, I imagine, motivates and confirms for him that despite the length, the twists and turns and the intersections without directionsthe road he is following is perhaps the right one.

I should have taken a photo of Pippa in the MRI tunnel to placate my mother who likes to see photos on every blog.  Better still, I should have taken a sound recording of the most boring 45 minutes I always have to sit and ‘vibrate’ my way through whilst Pippa gets to watch a movie.  I didn’t.  I thought instead about my grandmother, Nellie, and secretly thanked my cousin who recently reminded me that her strength is passed through all of us and she sees it so clearly in Pippa and I.  Then I shed a few tears.

Now, I’m drinking bubbles and Pippa’s celebrating with another, in some ways slightly stronger and more aggresive than previously, course of chemotherapy.

6 responses to “Sorry, No Pic of an MRI……..

  1. Alison Wilson says:

    No need for pictures Virginia, we can very clearly get the picture from your post! So glad there are positive signs on Pippa’s MRI, what a long 45 mins they must have been for you waiting! Enjoy those bubbles, you deserve them 🙂

  2. Narelle Hill says:

    Fabulous news Virginia! My champers on ice for tomorrow night, I will drink to this great news & much more of it in 2014! You are all amazing & we’re all with you every step of this journey! Xx

  3. Liz says:

    What amazing girls you and Pipoa are. I think of you both every day. Xx

  4. Joy Mitchell says:

    Best news ever! Enjoy the bubbles Virginia and look forward to a positive 2014! One tough kid you have there! 😀

  5. Joel says:

    So glad to hear your great news. Those doctors are amazing people and we are very lucky to have them looking after Pippa. I hope you finished the bottle, pop another one on ice as well, you deserve it. Keep up the great work Pippa!

  6. Adriano Sirgiovanni says:

    Hi PIPPA happy new year( or buon anno) how are you doing💃💐how did you spend the festivity ? Did you get a lot of presents?? 👑💅🌂🎀👜👠💍 when are caming in Melbourne next? A big hug BELLA PRINCIPESSA👑👑👑👑👑🐣

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