Pippa Rea

Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

Riding High

Today was ride to school day.  Today was a big day!

Pippa and I had talked that she would ride today but this was going to be a pretty big challenge.

Before 26 June Pippa was a natural athlete – able to do any sport, running fast and winning often at school athletics…..

On 11th July, Pippa had a craniotomy and lost her balance…..

After the craniotomy and 7 weeks of radiotherapy Pippa could still not walk in a straight line without losing her balance.  Her neurosurgeon advised that any loss of balance from the surgery should have returned and to be prepared that she may not regain her balance.

Today Pippa rode her bike (slightly large as it used to be James’) along the bike path to school.  She was so proud of herself and even extra excited about receiving a t-shirt for her efforts!


Crossing Lady Lorraine Happy to see Pippa on her Bike again


Riding Along on Your Push Bike, Honey……


Jumping for Joy!

What a great Day!  And to top it off, the sun was shining brilliantly 🙂


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