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A Special Day With Tony

Today was a very special day for me. My grandpa Tony came at 11:30 to pick me up and take me out on a very special lunch at a very special place… called “Cheese World.” I had been planning to go to Cheese World with Tony for a while and today was the day. It was raining as we were driving there, but when we got to Cheese World we were greeted by some of Tony’s friends (he has lots of friends at Cheese World) Kim, one of his friends at Cheese World decided to have a chat with us. So we chatted and chatted and chatted and so on. I met lots of Tony’s friends and had fun. As we were leaving, Tony had to see a lady Lou for the Field Days. I told her that the Field Days was on my birthday last year and this year. We left Cheese World and headed off to Cudgee.

having a special lunch with Tony


When we got to Cudgee we went in to see the Bullocks (a type of cow).  There was lots of Bullocks and one came right up to my door, I quickly took a photo of him, I also got a photo of Bullocks on their own, I got a few good shots even of Tony feeding the Bullocks and giving them their lunch.

After that Tony and I drove down to Allansford and we went to my uncle Eugene’s house and I saw all my cousins. My cousins Scarlett and Stephanie were with their friend,we played UNO and went to Scarlett’s room.

We finally were able to get home, on the way home we had to pick up my grandma cause she was going to come home with us. I had a great day 🙂

Written especially by Pippa 🙂

my Tony loves his Bullocks

my Tony loves his Bullocks


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