Pippa Rea

Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

Challenge Fair

The Challenge Fair was very different this year in comparison to what it was last year.  The fair itself was still amazing – an array of rides, food, drinks, activities and Christmas presents for all the children.  A very generous event from the team at Challenge.  The sun was shining again and we took Claudia and Will along with us as our “family”.  The difference this year was that Pippa could not run around like all the other children from one ride to the next; her smile only appeared a couple of times rather than being permanently planted on her face.  James and Patrick were her pillars – by her side all the time.

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Brain tumours are not like leukaemia in terms of research. Every day I look at Pippa in wonder and amazement but I will never be complacent. She truly defies logic. I hope that one day whatever it is that makes up her incredible being contributes to brain tumour research.

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