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Pippa's Journey with a Brain Tumour

Hump Day¸¸

on August 15, 2013

Written Thursday 15 August (no internet yesterday)

Yesterday was day 16 and today day 17 of radiation.  We are half way through the first stage of this long and arduous journey that is now our life.  Even though Pippa is still coping brilliantly with the treatment, it is so very obvious that we are all feeling the strain and the stress that rests upon our close little family after our lives have been tossed upside down.

James and Patrick came down again  and although I was a grumpy and frustrated old witch desperately in need of an eyebrow wax, it was lovely all being together.  The much “faved” visit to Yochi for dessert last night did the trick to lift our spirits yesterday and today after treatment we attempted glow in the dark mini golf……….

The boys went home this afternoon after which we walked with my girlfriend round the corner to our local French patisserie at the (Art Series) Blackman Hotel, Depot du Pain.  It was nearly wine o’clock so why not?  Pippa enjoyed another infamous chocolate mousse and we laughed and played games of Uno. Miss Pippa took every opportunity to sneak a peek at my cards – the proof is in the pic!!!  Brydie won the most hands and Pippa and I were on a par although she tried her hardest by insisting that I couldn’t win by ending with a “draw 4”!

Now that we are in a routine with treatment we have been fitting a number or experiences into our week.  One of these has been reiki.  Hump day is ending tonight with a reiki session and it could not be timed more perfectly to wash away those ‘down in the dumps’ feelings.  Pippa has always had a magnificent ability to relax and unwind.  She is in touch with her feelings and senses and has an amazing awareness and understanding of herself. I’m really glad that by chance this session was arranged for tonight

3 responses to “Hump Day¸¸

  1. kerri bilson says:

    loos like you have more cards in your hand than Pippa Virginia! x

  2. Jacquie says:

    Ha. I just played a game with Tom then checked your blog lol the good old UNO LOL!
    The same rule was just discussed in our house. I’m sure that’s a new one. Where do all these new rules come from ? You are doing an amazing job! Remember we are all here to help out so if anything will make a day, hour or minute a little easier just ask! Love, hugs o you all love us!

    • Kim Morris says:

      Hi Pippa ans Virginia…………looking forward to seeing you both for a hot chocolate\hedgehog and a coffee at Wyton next time you girls are in town.
      (will your next trip home have the bongo drums accompanying you?)

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